Guide To Starting A Concierge Service Business And Attracting Clients

A concierge service has a broad meaning. Most people associate a concierge as someone at a hotel who helps with booking appointments, arrangements or entertainment plans. However, a concierge can perform many types of tasks for corporate or personal clients. Savvy entrepreneurs have found that saving other people time can be a profitable business. If you are interested in starting a concierge service business, then you will need to take the following steps.

Research Potential Clients

The best way to start a business is to know your customer. If you already know people who could use a concierge service, then try to learn more about similar clients. For example, corporations will hire a concierge to help their employees become more productive. In this case, you should research the types of companies that you wish to service. Once you have a strong understanding of the customer, you will be ready to plan how to meet their needs.

Plan Your Services

After knowing which clients you want to cater to, you are ready to plan which concierge services to offer. To get started, you need to take an inventory of your customer needs. Afterwards, list the strengths and capabilities that you would like your concierge business to have. The business can specialize in FlightHub travel, bookkeeping, running errands, shopping, mailing, managing, etc. Depending on your ideal customers, you can offer a variety of service for a concierge business.

Establish A Concierge Service Location

The concierge service business can run from home or a local office. Start your business by establishing a location. Even if you are getting clients online, a physical location is necessary to get proper business licensing, commercial insurance and documentation. In order to conduct business legally, establish a location. Moreover, people would prefer to work with a quality provider that is local. Especially if you want to work with personal clients, they may want you do carry out tasks in their residential areas.

Start Contacting Potential Clients

With a business started, reach out to clients that would be interested in your service. You can simply start by soliciting to business owners or individuals in your network. To start a concierge service, you just need one client. You can provide them an exceptional level of services and then grow your business through referrals. Or, if you are a more aggressive entrepreneur, you can always directly content many companies and individuals. These are some of the most effective ways to get your first clients. Later on, you can put together a marketing budget and plan to attract more clients.

Invest In Concierge Industry Standards

While the concierge market is young, there are many benchmarks and standards to measure against. You should continue to invest in your hospitality industry knowledge by attending conferences and leadership workshops. As a result, you can train your own team, add services and stay on top of the latest trends. If you continue to improve your concierge service experience, you will attract more clients and grow your new business successfully.

Starting a concierge service business can turn into a successful venture. You have to know your customers, perform tasks efficiently and continue to attract customers. Remember to plan your services when starting out and improve them as you learn more about your customers. Then, focus on providing the best concierge service you can provide in order to earn referrals and attract more clients.

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