Top Business Trends 2017 Continue Change Towards Online Operations

Business trends are constantly evolving to suit the current culture and marketplace. Entrepreneurs must stay in touch with current top business trends in order to ensure successful business ventures. With so much information available, it can be difficult to know which trends to follow. We have compiled for you the top business trends for 2017.

Social Media for Business

Many of the trends for 2017 are based around the move from physical to digitization. Marketing keeps a business alive. Social media marketing is one of the top trends for 2017. This is a positive growth solution for many businesses. Social media makes marketing and customer interaction almost “free”. If you want to grow your base and invest money, you can use some of your marketing budget to place targeted ads on social media sites. The switch to social media is a positive and easy to make change for any business.

Corporate Cyber-Security

In addition to social media, the switch to an online marketplace is heightening the importance of online security. As a forward thinking entrepreneur, it is important to be on top of the risks associated with innovation. Online accounts are convenient and current, but also vulnerable to hackers. With the rise of Data As A Service, you have to be extra careful with company information. Be aware of cyber security in order to counteract the negative of online trends making an appearance.

Operations Process Automation

Automating business procedures used to be a luxury only large companies could afford. New technology that allows high quality automation at lower prices has made it an emerging trend of 2017. Implement automated services to cut down costly man hours. Automation can also allow business ventures to function more efficiently by eliminating human error.

Expert Based Sales

The average consumer is becoming increasingly savvy. As a business minded individual, you should be sure not to underestimate your consumer. For this reason, the traditional salesperson role is becoming obsolete. Customers are much more likely to go with an expert based opinion. Keep this in mind when creating concepts and products. The types of businesses that are exploding today are endorsed by top experts. Ensure that the quality is good enough that an expert would make it their choice.

Crowdfunding Capital

Crowdfunding is no longer exclusively for companies that do not have the capital to get off the ground. Not only is crowdfunding a way to raise funds, but it also validates the product before it is created. When a product is able to source adequate crowdfunding, that is a clear indicator that the customer base exists and is willing to pay for the product. In this way, you can use crowdfunding as a source of market research.

The top business trends of 2017 point heavily toward the overall switch from brick and mortar businesses to an online marketplace. An overload of available options is pointing consumers toward reliable product. You can take advantage of establishing interest in a product through crowdfunding and social media campaigns. Moreover, business ventures protect themselves by staying ahead of the curve with security measures. Use the top business trends of 2017 to steer your business ideas in a successful direction.

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