Top 5 Lawn Care Companies For Commercial Properties


If you operate a business that has any sort of lawn or landscaping around the property, you should be sure it looks spectacular at all times. It is one of the first things potential clients may notice when visiting your location. Most business owners have more important things to do than worry about the grass outside. Consider hiring one of these top 5 lawn care companies to take care of it for you.

Brickman & ValleyCrest Landscape

The Brickman Group was founded in Illinois in 1939 but later moved to Maryland. It operated one of the largest national landscaping companies. The company then merged with California based ValleyCrest Landscape Companies. ValleyCrest Landscape Companies was formed in 1949. They also operated a large national landscaping service. The merger created by far the largest lawn care company in the United States. The company is now responsible for upwards of $2 billion in annual revenue and over 20,000 employees. Despite the merger, the two companies continue to operate independently. If only the biggest will do for your business, you may wish to hire The Brickman Group or ValleyCrest Landscape Companies.

Scott’s LawnService

Scott’s LawnService is the fourth largest landscaping company in the United States to work almost exclusively with commercial businesses. 98% of  Scott’s LawnService business comes from commercial properties. That makes it a strong contender in this list. Annual revenue is over $320 million. Scott’s also has the added benefit of being a multinational brand providing lawn care products to individuals. If you want a familiar name for your landscaping needs, Scott’s LawnService is one of the lawn care companies worth considering.

TruGreen LandCare

TruGreen LandCare is the sixth largest of the lawn care companies currently operating in the United States. However, their customer base is 100% commercial businesses. With over $200 million in annual revenue and almost 10,000 employees, TruGreen LandCare is obviously doing something right. This lawn care company offers customizable landscaping packages. Consider TruGreen LandCare if you value the ability to tailor a company’s services to your business’ needs.

U.S. Lawns

U.S. Lawns is a Florida based company with over 2,000 employees. They are the seventh largest landscaping company in the United States and 100% of their business comes from commercial properties. Their annual revenue is over $160 million. This is another company to offer a customizable landscaping package. You should check them out if you are considering a landscaping contract. They are considered to be one of the top lawn care companies for commercial accounts.

Ferrandino & Son

Based out of New York, Ferrandino & Son are the ninth largest landscaping company with over $120 million in annual revenue. They only have 350 employees, making them the smallest company on this list. However, Ferrandino & Son exclusively service commercial properties. In addition, they offer educational workshops. If you would like to learn about ways to improve your lawn at work, consider hiring Ferrandino & Son. You will not go wrong. They are one of the top lawn care companies in the United States.

Lawn care companies can help business owners maintain their brand. They ensure a well landscaped area greets visitors to your location. Consult this post when deciding to hire a lawn care provider for your business.

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