5 Types Of Commercial Trailers To Use In Business

Many companies require the use of commercial trailers to conduct business. These trailers require proper licensing and credentials to operate. As business owner, you will need ensure that employees have a valid CDL license to drive between various states while towing a trailer. Furthermore, you will need to provide the proper trailer and vehicle for the team to transport cargo effectively. To help you decide what trailers to buy, we have put together a list of the different types of trailers available. Keep reading for more insight on the trailers you might need for your company.

Flatbed Trailers For Trucking

Trucking companies utilize flatbed trailers for transporting goods that need to be loaded via crane or other heavy equipment. Since the flatbed trailer is open on all sides, it’s much more versatile for loading and unloading. If you own a construction business, this type of trailer is perfect for transporting steel, tubes, materials and lumber. You can transport all of these materials in major quantities. Many of these trailers have a maximum weight limit near 45,000 pounds. As you can imagine, these trailers great for the largest trucking solutions.

Enclosed Or Dry Van Trailers

Secondly, trucks tow dry van trailers. These are enclosed trailers that are more commonly used for transporting goods that need protection. Rather than having an open structure, the enclosed trailer ensures that cargo is kept safe from rain or road elements. These trailers are important for transporting freight that can get easily damaged or can not handle poor weather conditions. For business owners in the furniture, clothing or consumer goods industries, you may have to use dry van trailers to transport cargo safely. Most commonly, these trailers are loaded from the back end with a forklift or hand-jack on a loading dock. They are some of the most utilized vehicles for transporting common goods.

Equipment Or Utility Trailers

On the other hand, small businesses commonly use utility trailers for towing equipment. This is the type of trailer that can be towed by a pick up truck. It can come as a Doolittle or Gooseneck trailer. These trailers are used by landscapers, handymen and other trades requiring large equipment. If your employees need a large amount of tools or equipment to get the job done, you might want to consider investing in a utility trailer. For example, the trailers for sale in San Diego County cost as little as $2,000 for a brand new 2018 model. In your area, you can try to negotiate some discount off of the MSRP. Certainly, a quality utility trailer can help your business load, unload and tow equipment quickly at a job site.

Open Auto Trailers

As you may know, the automotive industry has a major requirement to transport vehicles. The costs to transport a new, used or damaged vehicle can skyrocket quickly. To control costs for your business and customers, you can buy auto trailers. These types of trailers allow your employees to transport vehicles efficiently. Many open car trailers can carry one or multiple business cars. You can deliver a scrapped vehicle to junk yards. Or, pick up a favorite car that is going for auction. With so many options, business owners in the automotive business should consider getting a car trailer for transport requirements.

Specialized Use Trailers

Uniquely, companies have specialized trailers made for their needs. Sometimes, you might need to transport cargo that can not fit safely in enclosed or open trailers. Or, the specialized trailer may lower the costs of carrying certain types of goods. This is the case for may oversized or uncommon shaped cargo. You can find specialized trailers to transport specific types of equipment in our gift guide. The criteria should meet the maximum weight and dimensions needed for the job. For companies in an industrial or specialized commercial space, specialized trailers can be a great option.

Businesses have several options for towing equipment, materials and goods. In order to transport cargo efficiently, you should consider finding the right type of commercial trailer for your company. Depending on the nature of your work, a trailer can help your team get projects done quickly at lower costs. Or, it could deliver goods and products faster to consumers. For large companies, you can used enclosed or open flatbed trailers. Smaller companies can utilize equipment trailers with insurance for towing various items for jobs. Moreover, businesses in the automotive industry may want to check out car trailers. Finally, you can always look for specialized trailers to meet the needs of your company. With the right trailers, your business can transport cargo efficiently and operate with, or without, a hitch.

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