How To Upgrade Your Office Space For The Perfect Work Environment

An office space says a lot about a business and creating the perfect environment to work in can ensure productivity, motivation, creativity and even increased business. You and your existing employees will benefit from a better working environment. What’s more, it could also help you attract the best talent to work for you and secure potential clients in a pitch.

To make sure your business has a profitable year, here’s some inspiration for ways to upgrade your premises. Even if your business already has class A office space, you should consider creating the perfect working environment for your team. These changes could put your SME in the best position to thrive and grow in 2018.

Create An Inviting Environment

When building your client-base, you’re likely to be holding meetings in your offices. Well, first impressions count so making sure your office is well-maintained, both inside and out, could be vital to the success of your business. The first impression of your commercial space should be inviting. The color schemes, branding and feeling should resonate with your company identity.

An inviting, well-organized and tidy office will project a positive image of your company to potential clients and as a result, they’ll be more likely to do business with you.

Fill The Office With Natural Light

A dark office is not an inviting or productive working environment and it could lead to health problems in your employees, not to mention a dip in morale. Obviously, a dark office space induces sleep, negativity and low productivity. Studies have shown that ensuring plenty of natural light in an office can have a positive influence on well being and improve performance so keep this in mind when looking for office upgrades.

A great way to open up your office to more daylight is by installing glass balustrades for both inside and outside the building, like the ones from leading manufacturer Barrier Components. They look sleek and modern, whilst allowing the maximum light into the office. Plus, they’re made of glass which is a sustainable and eco-friendly material!

Add Fun Features For Employees

As already discussed, morale and productivity are vital in a workplace. A happy environment means a productive one, so adding some fun features can make a huge difference in resource management and may even help you retain employees. When you employees are comfortable in the working environment, they are more likely to put forth their best efforts.

Some examples of office upgrades include:

  • Establish creative break-out spaces for one-to-one meetings or brainstorming sessions
  • Offer alternative areas to work, such as standing desks and treadmill desks, so employees can move away from their work area and enjoy a change of scenery
  • Provide healthy snacks and drinks in the kitchen to help them stay energized (you can use an office vending service to stock up on healthy snacks)
  • Design your office in an open plan setting to be more inclusive

Introduce Plants For A Burst of Life

In addition to fun features, plants can have a very positive impact on the working environment. There are all types of plants that can contribute to your office productivity. They release fresh air and good scents into the air. On top of that, a well maintained plant brings life into the office. It is uplifting and makes employees feel good overall. To create the perfect working environment, introduce plants from your local agriculture business into the space. You and your team should be able to notice the positive benefits of a fresh and clean feeling associated with plants.

If you’re planning for a more successful year than ever in 2018, upgrading your office might be a good place to start. However big or small the office upgrades you choose, it can have a significant impact on performance of your employees. Furthermore, it will improve the well-being of your company overall. And, moreover, it will project a positive image of your business to potential clients or customers.

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