Smart Ways To Re-Assess Your Financial Affairs For Success

With 2018 beginning, many people are looking forward to getting out of the winter malaise and into Spring. Both figuratively and literally, as many people turn spring cleaning towards their finances. With up to 66% of Americans estimated to be financially illiterate to some extent, the challenge can be knowing exactly what it entails to sort your financial affairs; and there is no better time to streamline than now.

From looking into to debt consolidation to switching energy supplier, there are plenty of ways to reassess your income outgoings and expenditure and put your financial situation on solid ground. These are sound strategies to reassess your finances this year and get back on track.

Cleaning Your Credit

When one thinks of credit scores, they usually see credit cards, loans and mortgages. However, there are lots of bills that will hit your credit score – from phone contacts, to utility bills, to collections on parking tickets. Good news is on the horizon as the ‘big three’ credit companies are increasing credit report even thresholds, which could mean minor events no longer being recorded on your score. Credit Repair Companies ( recommended making a thorough search of your credit history after this change to eliminate any minor scores that should be purged – and also to double check your other arrangements are all being reported correctly.

A clean credit score is the first step to any financial spring cleaning, enabling creditors to properly assess your suitability. By building your credit score, you will have access to lower interest rates, increased lines of credit and more favorable terms. When it comes time to buy a house, car or a business, your credit rating will help secure the funding needed.

Re-Assessing Your Taxes

You’ll no doubt have seen the GOP Tax Bill making the rounds. It’s arguably the biggest shakeup of tax for businesses across America, and the impact is being felt everywhere, from tax-relieved distilleries, breweries and wine franchises to big oil and the middle class. The spread of changes is so broad that it’s difficult to point how every individual will be affected. The best way to know is to check your outgoings and income and see how you could benefit, or need to adjust otherwise.

Check Your Savings Strategy

Similar to checking your taxes, the new financial year is a great time to swap and switch your savings affairs. However, once the start of the year rolls around, you’ll have little time to organize your affairs before the interest and business starts powering up again. Take the quiet period before the end-of-year to look into what the best saving strategy should be for you. Sometimes, the 401k isn’t the optimal saving strategy and you could make more with other options, from utilizing innovative financial technology to simply switching provider or investment strategy.

Paired with a commitment to frugal living and careful budgeting, taking regular stock of your financial affairs is a great way to maintain your crucial financial health. Take the time to clean up your credit, reassess your tax situation based on the newest tax reforms and implement your savings strategy. The key to a strong year of finance starts with knowing your costs, budgeting and saving over time.

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