No Female President For United States, But Women In Leadership Grows


With the Democratic party ready to nominate a female candidate for president, many people are getting excited about the idea of having a female president. Younger generations are used to the idea of women in authority roles, as more women are running their own businesses, and registering a company than ever before.

The business environment and dynamics have changed drastically over the past few decades. Not only are women placed in managerial positions and leadership roles, but they are also a large representing gender in government positions.

International Female Presidents

While America is often seen as “the leader of the Free World,” in actuality, the country is a bit behind when it comes to gender equality in government representation. There have been many international female leaders present long before Hillary Clinton first ran for the Democratic presidential candidacy against Barack Obama in the 2008 campaign season. In recent years, Estonia, Austria, Taiwan, Nepal, Mauritius, Croatia, Switzerland and many, many more have had female presidents. So why is America so behind when it comes to gender equality? We’ll leave that up to you to figure out.

A New Way Of Thinking

Women have been proving their ability to handle leadership positions all over the world in government and women business enterprise certification. Their influence in the corporate sector has proven worthwhile. While men and women are capable and fully qualified of handling positions of leadership, women bring a new way of thinking into business and government.

Women and men differ in their ways of thinking and their passions. Women tend to care more about things like children, women’s rights, poverty and the environment. Through their leadership positions they are making breakthroughs in significant areas of the country. When women have a position of powerful influence such as in the political structure different things may begin to happen.

Need For Change

The United States is ready for a significant change in their political leader. Because of a woman’s different perspective and way of thinking, they are more open to the vision of a woman running the country. Throughout the years, the country has made a breakthrough in the arena of women’s rights and personal branding for women. Women are now seen as someone with a powerful influence throughout all industries or sectors. With more women in the military forces than ever before, the idea of a woman running the country isn’t a farfetched one at all.

Gender Inequality

The issue of diversity and gender equality in the workforce has been a hot topic of discussion for quite some time. There have been significant strides made with women in leadership positions in various sectors of the working class, but there is still a bit of work to do.

Many people still recognize the work that needs done and that is another reason they may be more open to a woman in a leadership role, as the President of the United States. Research has shown that women are more likely than men to push for an advancement in gender equality. It would make sense, that with a woman in office, the lines that are still put up between men and women’s roles in leadership positions could potentially be erased.

American’s View On A Male Or Female President

American’s don’t see much difference when polled between a male and female president. In fact, many have confidence in a woman’s ability to run the country and steer it in the right direction. In the area of diplomacy, many American’s believe a woman is needed for the job. Women tend to work through difficult situations as a negotiation, and this is what many believe is needed.

They look at each situation with a variety of ideas on how to handle the issue at hand and offer a variety of solutions. With the potential to have a woman in office, many American’s believe we may see a return of diplomacy.

A Symbol of Inspiration

Now that it’s been decided that many Americans are ready for a female president, this could be the one symbol to inspire little girls everywhere. It’s always been said that girls could be whatever they want to be, and if a woman is elected that statement holds to be entirely true. Having a woman as president will sent the message to the girls of America that there is absolutely nothing or no position they cannot do.

Business Motivation

While many women have already proven themselves more than qualified to hold positions of leadership in business, even starting their own businesses, or registering a company, having a woman in the Oval Office could send a serious message to the corporate sector. This could be the change that women have been looking for in terms of more equality in the business world to their male counterparts. A change is upon the country for the better.

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