What Financial Points To Discuss With Your Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is something that is complicated in a legal, financial and also emotional way. When it comes to dividing up property that a couple has got throughout their marriage, this may be a tough part of the divorce. Especially, if you have had a strong financial situation in the past. It can be hard to divvy up real estate investments, houses, cars and more.

Divorce attorneys can aid in removing some of the legal as well as financial stresses by fighting for a division which works in your favor. When you have selected a divorce attorney, it is a good idea to save time by collecting important legal along with financial documents before meeting the attorney. If you do this, the attorney can get a good overview concerning the properly along with assets that may be an issue in your case. Below are some things that can come up in the discussions you have with your divorce attorney.

Points Concerning Child Support

If children are involved no doubt this makes the issue sensitive. You do not want to lose your children. You want the best settlement for them and yourself. You should consider discussing child support. These costs can make a huge difference financially. Whether you are paying the child support (which can be tax deductible) or receiving the income, the point should be carefully considered. When it comes to child custody consider the legal, financial and physical aspects of this. It is important to discuss the terms of the visits that will occur with the non-custodial parent. You want your children to remain safe and do not want to fight later on with your spouse. Therefore, it is better to solve everything before. Also consider grandparent visitation, any visitation with stepchildren.

The health insurance of the children is also important. Also, remember dental insurance. Keep in mind the uninsured health care costs. You need to look ahead and if your children are still at school consider college education costs. Discuss with the lawyer the issues concerning staying in the marital homestead. The beneficiaries of any life insurance policies need to be solved. Claiming children as dependents particularly for income tax purposes needs to be considered as this can impact your tax income rate. Also look at the points concerning who gets a say in the religious upbringing of your children.

Points Concerning Property

Property tends to be another sensitive issue. The points to consider include equity in the homestead, any other real property present. Also remember what will happen to home furnishings or business assets. You will also need to decide what happens to professional practices along with degrees. If there are any retirement benefits such as pension, this needs to be discussed.

You need to figure out what happens to any motor and recreational vehicles you shared with your spouse. Personal property is something that is also important. Any savings accounts should not be forgotten. Stocks, bonds, plus funds should be brought to the forefront. Any compensation you want for contributions as a homemaker. Are there any hidden assets? Also, figure out what will happen to any debts.

Other Issues

You can also consider spousal support issues such as entitlement to support, for how long and how much this will be. Was there any domestic violence present, any child abuse, or parental kidnapping? Do you want an order for protection? Do you wish to restore your maiden name? Is there any post-divorce non-financial support that needs to be discussed? It is a good idea to find experienced divorce lawyers who will be able to help you figure out all the above-complicated points concerning your divorce.

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