What Is The Best POS System For Your Type Of Business?

It isn’t easy to choose a Point of Sale (POS) system because every business has different needs. Business First Family, the online resource for business advice and tips, knows from experience that a POS system is much more sales processing fees and accepting payments. The system should also be able to help with managing inventory and tracking the number of customers. We at Business First Family also believe that a POS system should be easy of use, affordable, and be able to use on mobile devices. When considering all these factors, one inevitable question comes to mind: what is the best POS system? While the best system will vary according to the type of business, there are a few POS systems that have been known to perform better than others. In this post, we take a look at five of those POS systems.


This is an ideal inventory-management system for retailers and wholesalers with a large volume of sales and multiple distribution channels. Cin7 has a complete cloud inventory, along with POS, 3PL, EDI, and B2B. You can also find integrations with Amazon, Shopify, eBay and Magento. This robust software works on all mobile devices, and also has an efficient support team. Cin7 offers a free trial for users to test it before deciding to purchase the full version.


If you run a restaurant or any other type of food service, Toast is the all-around POS system for you. Toast is specifically designed for food and restaurant sales and is surprisingly easy to use. When you use Toast, you don’t need any other POS system, because with this one software you can fulfill orders, update menus, manage staff payroll, online orders, and loyalty programs. By sticking to only one vendor, you can significantly reduce costs.

Shopify POS

This is the iPad POS system by Shopify, which makes it easy to manage your Shopify process sales and accept payments right from the app. This is easy to use platform for your retail business needs, through which you can select the products your customer wants, process payments from their credit card, and even print and send receipts. Every aspect is synced with the online store, so you don’t need to manage multiple catalogs, inventories, or payments processors.


If yours is an entirely brick-and-mortar business with no online storefront, Bindo creates it for you. This mobile-optimized POS system is a complete retail solution that handles all your business needs. You name it, and Bindo can do it for you. From adding new customers to tracking their loyalty, from scanning barcodes to creating purchase orders, Bindo enabled you to do everything right from your mobile device.


When wondering what is the best POS system, do not forget Netsuite. A superior store management solution, Netsuite customers, are able to build customer loyalty, improve store operations, and grow sales with tools to empower sales representative agreements. There are also options to align front end and back end processes increase sales and build customer relationships.

What is the best POS system? Business First Family thinks the answer is subjective, but we also believe these options have consistently outperformed the others are thus counted among the best in the market today.

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