What Should I Get A Degree In To Become A Successful Entrepreneur?


You may be thinking about opening your own small business and want to make sure you start off on the best foot possible. Maybe you have thought that a college degree would help to ensure that your future business is a success. While a degree can’t guarantee that your future business will be successful, it can help to prepare you for the technical responsibilities that come along with the job, like knowing the types of business that exist. This post will provide you with several options you can consider getting a degree in, and highlight the benefits of each for you, the future small business owner.

Business Administration

The most obvious answer, of course, is a business degree. This degree will prepare you for any and all technical aspects of future business ownership, like human resource training. In addition, it will also help to provide you with an array of options to fall back on should you decide not to pursue opening your own business later on down the road. This is important to consider if you plan on obtaining an Online Bachelor’s in Business Administration, as four years is a long time and many aspects of your life may change, including your future business plans.

Business Technology

A bachelors degree in Business Technology is an extremely worthwhile pursuit for modern entrepreneurs. Technology is rapidly developing as a whole, and the same is true of business technology in particular. Getting a degree in business technology helps you learn all about the business systems, IT management and operations management that are required of a business owner in the modern technological era. Business Technology majors learn about business topics, like how to patent an idea, and about important business technology with one degree. This is one of the best majors for future business owners to consider for future success.


Another great option to consider for the prospective small business owner is a finance degree. While this option may not allow for entrepreneurship centered electives like a business degree does, a degree in finance will best prepare you for the financial aspects of opening and running your own small business, which some may argue is the most important aspect. Once you have a degree in finance, you will likely be able to learn the other skills needed to run a small business through hands-on experience. This major can be a great option for you if you are a quick learner who learns best by doing.


Pursuing a degree in marketing may be the less considered option for prospective small business owners, but it definitely provides benefits not available through other degrees such as the ones above. Having a degree in a marketing will give you a leg up on the competition in making business connections and sales, as well as anticipating customers’ demands so that you can keep them coming back for more. This can be a great option to consider for future home care business owners or even future clothing designers, especially if being able to predict the desires of your future clients is of utmost importance to you.


Engineering may not be the first major that you think of when you are looking for the perfect business major. However, a degree in engineering can give you the opportunity to take a job as a petroleum engineer, or even as chemical engineer. Not only are these jobs some of the highest paying bachelor degree salaries, they will also allow you the chance to learn your industry before heading out to start your own business. If you want to open a business in a specialized industry, you may want to consider a degree in engineering.


A communications degree is a great option for entrepreneurs-to-be. When it comes to management, marketing, operations and almost any other interaction, the ability to communicate is essential. With a communications college degree, you will be trained to write clearly and explain ideas efficiently. These interpersonal communication skills will help you start, grow and sell your business. Your entrepreneurial career will benefit greatly from it.

Industry Specific Majors

If you already know the specific area your small business will operate in, you may want to consider choosing that as a major. This may seem obvious, but it is an idea that doesn’t occur to many people.  Say, for instance, that you plan to open a retail shop that sells clothes. The best option for you may be to obtain a degree in fashion with a business concentration. This will provide you with basic business knowledge and, more importantly, in-depth knowledge specific to your industry such as store visuals and buying product. This may be the best option for you if you plan to open a small business in a specific industry that requires specialized knowledge such as technology, cheap energy solutions or fashion.

By choosing your industry, you have made the first step along the journey to becoming an entrepreneur. Considering obtaining a degree for the well-being of your future small business is a great place to go next. Depending on how specialized the field is that you plan to operate a small business in, you may want to consider a major that is industry specific such as fashion, culinary arts, or technology. If you are more concerned with having a well-rounded degree that will provide you with a plethora of options, a degree in business administration or finance can be the right choice for you. A degree in marketing is also another choice that will provide you with some other career options should you need them, but will also help you to anticipate future customers’ needs so that your small business will keep them happy. Leave the life coaching until later on in your career. Consider all these options based on what you think your future business needs will be and get the right degree to start your own business.

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