How Mailing Lists Can Maximize Your Marketing Outreach


The healthcare market is booming for businesses. If things end up changing in the healthcare market, as the industry has been predicting, many healthcare businesses could see a further increase in growth and sales.

Growth Attracts Competition

Of course, growth in any industry attracts a lot of competition. In response, small businesses and entrepreneurs are looking for physician mailing lists to help them broaden their market with 4p marketing. At first thought, this may seem like a great idea. Write down your best offer on a nice letter head, send it out to a ton of physicians and hope that they will call back ready to buy what you have. Unfortunately, it is just not that easy anymore.

Snail Mail Is Dead

The reason these physician mailing lists are no longer a viable option is because people simply do not open their mail anymore. Sure, letters from friends and family or important bills will be opened, but unless the recipient knows the name on the envelope, chances are it will go straight into the trash. Most doctors have even gone paperless for billing, as well. The same is true of email blasts using these mailing lists of doctors because your hard work will immediately be shuffled into the junk folder. It cannot be any clearer that snail mail is dead for trying to reach prospective clients in the medical field.

Targeted Options

You may not need a physician mailing list for direct marketing mailers anymore. However, these lists can still be effective at helping you generate leads with email branding. In fact, many doctor mailing lists include more than just contact information for listed physicians. Oftentimes, the verified data from these lists include demographic selections. Using a physician mailing list gets you access to prescription data behaviors and enhanced response information. That makes it easier to find interested physicians to target specifically, regardless of which marketing materials you use to contact them.

Savvy Doctors

Since the healthcare industry has been growing in business services, physicians are becoming equally as savvy and choosing their vendors. Doctor’s offices are inundated with several marketing pieces for their business everyday. Furthermore, some physicians have actually gone ahead and try services through mail marketing. Odds are, they were not happy with the service and discontinued it, writing it off as a waste of time as well as money.

Be Unique

To get a physician’s attention, your company has to be unique. If your company is just like any of the other companies sending out physician mailing blasts, you probably are not going to get much interest and decide that the market is not very good. However, the market is hot if you know how to approach it.

Highly Networked Physicians

Physicians are highly networked individuals. They know a lot of people for their patients, colleagues and associates. Often times, those relationships are what bring them business and reputation in their local communities. That means, their relationships are extremely valuable and trustworthy, but it can also make it hard to get response.

Use These Networks

Instead of searching for a physician email list, try contacting doctors through their networks. If you think hard enough, you should be able to think about a few people that you know in your network or close with a doctor or two. Then, providing the service at a very low cost, or free if you have to.

After that, they will probably be really grateful to you for your services (given that you are providing a quality service). Then, get them to recommend you to their colleagues or other physicians in their network. This is a perfectly viable and organic way of growing any healthcare business. Furthermore, it is much more rewarding and profitable then just simply sending out a letter to position mailing list like everyone else.

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