How These Workplace Wellness Trends Will Re-Invigorate Employees

The wellness market is projected to be the next trillion dollar industry and, along with travel, is one of the more successful sectors of recent years. Social media and changing values have benefited the industry, with many brands cleverly fostering new ideas and attitudes towards health and wellness through subtle advertising. Moreover, businesses are using these trends to help take care of their employees. The best companies are implementing the latest wellness trends into the very fabric of their corporate core values. Meanwhile, other wellness industry trends in the way people think about wellness have happened organically.

Social Media

The constant visual narrative that accompanies our lives through channels such as Instagram and Facebook has made people more aware of great design, and less forgiving of humdrum imagery. As the modern workforce is primarily employed in sedentary jobs where they’re unlikely to get fit as a consequence of work, they look to social media channels for advice and inspiration, only engaging with the most interesting and visually stunning content. To combat this, companies are implementing wellness programs, dietary advisors and sharing it on their social pages.

Amazing Visuals

Wellness gurus have moved healthy eating away from its lentil-based, beige past and managed to communicate that healthy living doesn’t have to be un-inventive and boring. It’s colourful, beautiful and full of promise, whispering that something as simple as a green smoothie is the key to a glowing new life. Businesses are embracing these messages, encouraging their people to take advantage of the healthy eating wellness benefits.

Holistic Benefits

While consumers are concerned with how wellness will make them look (the most successful healthy living bloggers are slim and attractive), there’s also an acute sense that pursuing a traditional weight-loss diet isn’t aspirational. It has a tone of restriction, vanity and mundane activity. Wellness, on the other hand, appears holistic and fulfilling, a wonderful new lifestyle which is all about making you feel better, with weight loss and great skin just some incidental bonuses. Businesses have realized the fact that pursuing this kind of lifestyle, complete with cookbooks, yoga and wearable tech, involves their teams constantly learning more about themselves and growing their skills – from improved flexibility to cooking. So they don’t only feel great because they are living more healthily, they are gaining satisfaction from reaching their company goals.

Modern Life

Many of us find modern working life a strain, with issues like fatigue, feeling run down and digestive problems becoming very widespread. Issues such as worry and anxiety also plague a lot of people, even if they don’t necessarily suffer with anxiety as a diagnosable illness. Medicine doesn’t have much of an answer for these indefinable but very real problems, and wellness sometimes offers one. Whether it’s meditation for anxiety or eating well to counter the affects of IBS, by encouraging self-help in the workplace, the wellness industry has allowed management within businesses to tailor their own solutions to help their employees.

With so many opportunities to be had in the health and wellness sector, there’s no reason why your business shouldn’t become what you envision. You simply need to keep informed, spot the ways in which you can help your employees live better and communicate that using all the latest wellness trends for your company.

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