5 Best Facilities Management Goals For Outsourcing Maintenance

The facilities management industry is a highly competitive market. Also known as FM, facilities management services are provided by outsourcing companies. Rather than incurring internal costs, business owners are contracting out FM services in return for higher performance measurement, ROI and lower costs. When outsourcing to a facilities management franchise, keep the following important goals in mind. They will help ensure that your costs and performance remain excellent.

Hands-On Management

When it comes to managing a facility, people make all the difference. A good FM company will have a strong management in process in place. They will be able to communicate a detailed approach to their daily operations and management. Furthermore, great companies will describe their careful hiring practices to ensure they find the best talent for their clients. Consistent hands on management is a great goal for your overall FM strategy.

Green Clean Environment

In addition to a strong management strategy, choose facilities management with green initiatives. Your company should constantly strive to reduce it’s carbon footprint. In an effort to eliminate waste, landfill disposal and junk removal, the facilities management company should embrace recycling everything possible. It should also maximize cheap energy that is sustainable. This type of FM best practice leads to environmental compliance and awards. Your company will benefit from a healthier environment and recognition for doing right by society too.

Customer-Centric Approach

When an outsourced company comes into your building, they should put the customer first. The best facilities management practices are always based around the needs and demands of the customer. For example, a good service provider will repair Abbey carpets, replace tiles and paint walls during times when traffic patterns are lowest. Little actions like these create a minimal amount of interference with the clients, keeping productivity high for people working in the building. This type of facilities management strategy should be a top priority for your decision.

Implement CMMS Process

Make a goal to implement computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) as early as possible. These systems streamline the facilities management process. They track all of the maintenance activities and operations in one centralized system. Certainly, this makes measuring performance easier and holding the company accountable for completing all the work regularly. The added control of a CMMS can make any FMS client confident in the services being rendered.

Prioritize Preventative Maintenance

Forget the saying, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Instead, fix everything before it breaks. Replacing valves, doors, windows, elevators or pipes before they go bad can save hundreds of thousands in Atlantic remodeling and emergency maintenance fees. Your facilities management team must have a preventive or preemptive approach. In the long term, proactive work maintains the value of your assets and reduces repair costs.

In order to have the best facilities management goals, you have to think long term. Buildings and facilities require a lot of work to keep up. However, when done right, the result is a safe and comfortable working environment. If you decide to outsource facilities maintenance, ask about the service provider’s management style, commitment to the environment, daily practices, technology and preventative practices. Finding the right partner, they will help your business boost performance and lower costs.

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