7 Atlantic Remodeling Trade Secrets For Similar Residential Success

Atlantic Remodeling has carved a niche in offering exceptional residential remodeling services. The trusted remodeling company specializes in roofing and siding. Homeowners rely on Atlantic Remodeling for door and windows installations. Additionally, they excel in top quality gutter installations too. By combining comprehensive exterior remodeling services with excellent customer service, Atlantic Remodeling has expanded its business. Quite naturally, Atlantic Remodeling serves as an example to new business owners starting out in the residential remodeling industry. You do not have to worry about what color to paint your office, but you do have to worry about how to keep clients coming back for more. In this post, we will explore the industrial insights this remodeling business offers.

Brief Company History

Established in 2000, Atlantic Remodeling provides energy efficient door, windows, siding and roofing solutions to Maryland residents. With more than a decade’s experience in residential remodeling, they strive to exceed client expectations every time. Due to this dedication, the company has been recognized as one of the Top 500 companies by Qualified Remodeler. In order to derive complete customer satisfaction, Atlantic Remodeling employs over hundred experienced employees. Moreover, all the owners have over twenty years of industrial experience. Certainly, their longstanding experience shows in the services Atlantic Remodeling offers. Above all, consistent service quality set this residential exterior specialty contractor apart from its competitors.

Service Comes First

The remodeling corporation takes quality seriously. For over 15 years, they take pride in the “top-notch” customer service experience offered to their clients. If every business were to operate this way, there would be a lot less prolonged construction jobs. Regardless of your industry, Atlantic Remodeling’s commitment to top-notch service is a great example to emulate.

Build A Strong Team

With over 100 employees, it is easy to say that Atlantic Remodeling has a strong team and business model. But, the key to their strength is experience. Having employees with experience allows you to retain talent, knowledge and skills. Of course, a strong team takes time to train, develop and manage. Clearly, this construction company understands the benefits of building a strong team. Learn from them, and consider leadership workshops for your best and brightest.

Keep Your Jobs In House

Every company should have a competitive advantage. At Atlantic Remodeling, they are careful to complete each job by their own installation teams. While other companies might find it cheaper or easier to outsource certain labor responsibilities, this remodeling company’s hiring manager knows that outsourcing can lead to break downs in quality or service. By keeping installations in-house, the company gains experience and an advanced core competency. Moreover, these in-house jobs may lead to innovation or new processes that further benefit the company. Undoubtedly, we can take something away from their dedication to doing the job in-house.

Establish A Clear Value Set

Atlantic Remodeling has created a culture based on honesty, effort and punctuality. They have committed themselves to these values along with integrity, respect, communication and having a positive attitude. These are all great values that any business would be happy to have. More importantly, they made it clear that this is who they are at their core. Certainly, it would be great to have a clear value set to guide employees throughout the company.

Offer Savings & Discounts

Offer savings and discounts to customers. This is the best way to generate business for your home remodeling business without the need for costly, complicated business analytics. You can offer savings for first-time customers and loyal customer discounts. These types of savings will entice consumers to establish a relationship with your business. They will also show customers that you care about them. This is one of the best tricks Atlantic Remodeling uses to guarantee customer satisfaction at the end of every job. You should consider it as well.

Listen To Your Clients

Atlantic Remodeling is a company that provides excellent customer service. Even still, they have received the odd complaint or two. This is an excellent opportunity for other entrepreneurs to learn from. No business will ever be able to satisfy 100% of customers, 100% of the time. However, it is important to follow in the wise footsteps of Atlantic; be sure to always respond to customer complaints and do everything you can to rectify any situations that arise. Keeping the customers happy is something that this company does best, which is why they have done so well for so long. Learn from the experts; listen to your clients and respond to any issues with swift corrections and apologies.

Like most industries, the remodeling business has fierce competition. Depending on the job, the margins may not always be very high. However, companies like Atlantic Remodeling serve as a great example of how to be successful in a service based business by recognizing the importance of consistent business process improvement. Of course, the insights gained are helpful to many businesses across different industries.

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