How To Hire An Employee For The First Time Successfully

As a new entrepreneur, hiring the first employee is not a joking matter. If you get a great employee you will flourish like anything but if you’re not so fortunate to have a good one, it can have seriously negative impact on your business. Your attitude for negotiating properties in Delhi and hiring the first employee for your company should not be the same.

Here are the most important lessons that you can follow while hiring the first employee for your company.

1. Hire someone like you.

Yes; your first employee should be someone who can wear multiple hats just like you. This is the best way to be on the right foot in building your brand as well as your team. The guy should know about all those hats you wear and how to juggle them, if needed. He should be someone whom you will simple appreciate for his versatility while he will appreciate knowing how to successfully run the business. But if you hire someone for a specific job instead of being versatile, you may not grow your business as you wanted it to be. Eventually, you can hire someone for a particular job, but not at the beginning.

2. Be legal, irrespective of size.

Even if you’re a very small organization, you should be legal with financial including tax and insurance issues. Have all the contracts in place for every individual you hire. Also make sure your contracts are reviewed by a reputed and dependable attorney. Don’t skip to have insurance in place in case somebody wants to sue you. Be setup to the record financially and tax-wise and your employees in time.

3. Check social platforms.

No matter, whether you’re the best CEO or HR professional of the company, you should check the social media accounts for every employee you hire. There’s nothing wrong with being a creep in this regard. Check the social media profiles when somebody applies for a job in your company. Social media profiles tell so much about an individual. You will get a general idea about that individual before you hire him. In fact, his social media profile can influence your decision of hiring.

4. Do not underestimate soft skills.

The importance of soft skills is often underestimated by those new to the hiring process. Traditional job skills can be taught and learned. The same cannot be said for someone’s personality. Soft skills, like interpersonal skills, communication skills, thought processes and EQ, or emotional intelligence, are crucial. Oftentimes, finding a candidate with these soft skills is more beneficial than finding the perfect candidate that meets all your technical requirements. Do not make the mistake of underestimating the importance of soft skills in future job candidates.

5. Hire someone who believes in entrepreneurship.

Hire someone who is thrilled about working with you, but at the same time, help you utmost to build your company. Let him understand that you’re investing in him – in their love for work, their enthusiasm to build a brand that both of you will just love. He should be dedicated to meet your requirements and objectives beyond knowing how to operate your unified communications services.

6. Be good to them.

The best way to team success is to support and love the team. This teamwork defines one’s success. If your team is not contented, it means your employee engagement will struggle. You lack in giving proper leadership. In that case, you may pursue a leadership course. If you hire an individual, he is worth your time, attention, leadership and last but not the least, your love. So be nice and cooperating with your employee through all facets of his life.

7. Do not go with your gut.

Almost everyone fancies themselves a great judge of character. However, most people are actually not all that great at gleaning the right information from their first impressions, at least when it comes to their own relationships. Do not allow your gut feeling to define your hiring process. Oftentimes, you will find that your intuition was wrong. It is much more likely that the potential hires that wow you during the interview are just smooth talkers with lots of confidence and very little to back it up. Of course you can still take your gut instinct into consideration, just remember to back it up with evidence. If you feel that a particular interviewee would be a good fit, ask them questions to prove yourself right. Find out who they are as a person and then make your decision to add them to the Quickbooks payroll. Just be sure to not let your intuition be the deciding factor in your hiring process and you will be better prepared to hire top talent for your business.

Hiring, firing and everything in between are part of your entrepreneurship. If you do the first thing well, you may not to go through the other parts.

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