Winning Sales Strategies To Increase Business Growth


A sales methodology is a structured approach of making sales and closing deals. Generally, sales strategies are developed by sales training vendors to increase sales effectiveness. Moreover, a sales methodology lays out the ground rules to lead prospective customers through the sales funnel. By implementing these in an emerging market, you can help your sales team work together while increasing sales growth. However, since there are numerous sales strategies, selecting the right one can be difficult. Not all of them are equally effective. In order to help you use an effective sales strategy, some of the best ones have been below.

Selling Solutions

One of the most popular sales strategies in use today is the practice of selling solutions to customer problems. These sales tactics encourage account managers to do away with the traditional sales pitch. Instead, put the customer problems at the center of your meeting. Ask what issues they have with their workflow or personal life. Then, suggest different product solutions your company offers that could fix those problems. When you sell solutions, your sales figures will show improvement. This is an effective sales strategy to make money and still put the consumer first.

SPIN Selling

The SPIN sales methodology originated from Neil Rackham’s book called SPIN Sales Methodology. This sales methodology is based on effective communication skills that inspires customers to recognize their requirements. SPIN is an acronym of questions including the situation, problem, implication and need-payoff. Throughout the SPIN sales methodology, your sales representatives will establish a relationship with customers, pointing out their needs and assisting towards a purchasing decision that just so happens to be the tradesman software that they are selling.

The SPIN sales method is simple to execute. First off, sales representatives ask situational questions to understand the customer’s present circumstances. Then, they ask problem oriented questions to identify the customer’s issues. Next, the representative’s implication questions reveal the consequences of not solving these issues. Lastly, the sales representative asks need-payoff questions that suggest a solution, encouraging customers to buy your products or services. Overall, SPIN is a practical sales strategy that you can use in business.

Target Account Selling

Used by more than one million sales representatives all over the world, Target Account Selling (TAS) is a well known sales methodology. This sales methodology has now improved with the incorporation of software technology. The best thing about the target account selling is that it guides sales representatives through the various steps of sales cycle. Moreover, target account selling assists sales representatives in breaking down a complex financial deal into key elements, discovering selling opportunities. Another advantage of TAS methodology is that it considers changes in the political landscape while developing a sales pitch. As a result, the possibility of success increases. Primarily, strong business automation and customer focus make target account selling an exceptional sales methodology.

Sandler Sales

The sandler sales methodology stands out by nurturing the attitude of leadership in sales representatives. Even after three decades of its introduction, the core concept of this sales methodology is still highly effective. In order to make sales processes more effective, the sandler sales methodology trains sales representatives find out the time and budget restraints of customers. This kind of evaluation enables sales representatives to pursue only the customers who are capable of buying the company’s products or services. As a result, less time is wasted convincing leads who are not likely to convert in the first place. On top of that, the sandler sales methodology maps out a route to achieve consistent sales success. Attention towards understanding customers makes the sandler sales methodology popular worldwide.

Customer Centric Sales Methodology

A comparatively modern sales methodology, the customer centric sales tactic trains sales representatives to act as consultants. When the sales representatives listen attentively to customers’ problems and answer their questions about what a GSA contract is, pitching products or services becomes easier. Furthermore, the customer centric sales methodology promotes selling behaviors like situational conversing and relevant questioning.

Plus, the customer centric sales methodology empowers customers by offering them solutions to their problems. Combined with a proper customer segment strategy, sales transactions assist customers to achieve their personal goals or satisfy a requirement. More importantly, the customer centric sales methodology concentrates on solving the customer’s problems, improving customer relationships.


If you are trying to find a well-structured sales methodology, MEDDIC can be the ideal choice. Developed by Jack Napoli, this sales methodology offers clear guidelines on completing each stage of sales cycle with equal expertise. Additionally, MEDDIC emphasizes the importance of identifying pain points of customers. Recognizing the pain points enable sales representatives to encourages customers to purchase products. Despite its simplicity, MEDDIC ensures higher success rates through the sales funnel.

Sales Urgency

There are many sales strategies that are centered around high sales pressure tactics to create urgency. However, you do not have to be an aggressive salesperson to create urgency. Many times, a genuine deadline or inventory supply is enough to create urgency within the customer’s mind. Rather than push the urgency, push the value and just mention the limited supply or high demand for your product or services. Remember, you must have a positive attitude to be successful in sales or business. Do not let sales urgency overcome your positive attitude. With just enough urgency, leads can be converted into customers.

Sales strategies establish sales best practices, allowing sales teams to collaborate and improve with or without customer management software. In addition, a sales methodology increases the chances of successfully closing deals. Naturally, closing more financial deals raises the bottom line of any company. That’s why, you should select an appropriate sales methodology to train your sales representatives.

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