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If you are a small business, you should know that your business is going to require different CRM, or Customer Retention Management, software than what a Fortune 500 company uses, just as you would require a different POS as well. Your business needs are drastically different, as you have a much more personal relationship to your customers. That is why this post is here. We will present you with the top 5 customer management software solutions of 2016 specifically for small business owners like you.

CRM Software Types

There are three different types of CRM software for business owners to consider. CRM systems classifications separate each software into three separate groups. There is operational CRM software, which helps streamline sales, marketing and support in one easy to use application. Analytical CRM software, on the other hand, does not gather data. Instaed, it analyses data and generates reports to inform businesses in order to provide improved decision making capabilities. Collaborative CRM software is the final type available. Collaborative software is much the same as operational CRM, or basic CRM software. However, it also seeks to share crucial customer information with external stakeholders in order to improve communication. Consider which of these three types of CRM software your business needs before trying the solutions below.


Salesforce is, without a doubt, the most recognizable name for top CRM software, and it is frequently used by some of the best franchises for women. This company is the pioneer behind customer management for small businesses. They offer plenty of features and support tailored to small business all at an accessible price. This software virtually eliminates the need for manual data entry and provides comprehensive, in-depth data reports that will help your grow your business. If you want top customer service and features tailored to your business, consider Salesforce software for customer management.


Another top CRM software is one you may not recognize the name of. However, if you give them a shot you will wish you had heard of them sooner. Pipedrive offers a free trial of their software for customer management, so you can try it out today to see if you like it as much as we do. Pipedrive offers an activities feature that will make it easier to manage your sales team more effectively day-to-day. It is also an easy to understand, easy to use CRM software, perfect for business owners who do not need the complex reports generated by Salesforce. If you want a user-friendly customer retention software solution, Pipedrive may be the one for you.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is one of the best free CRM software available. That’s right – FREE, no matter whether you do business in the France capital or in Dubai. If you want all the benefits of customer management software without the pricetag, Zoho is the perfect solution. They offer all the core functionalities you need for up to ten users. In addition, they even have a free mobile application. So you can access your data anytime, anywhere. If you are constantly on the go and only need basic CRM features, Zoho is the customer management solution for you.


Insightly is another top software for customer retention management. This software is ideal for micro-businesses. It offers easy to use apps and web-access, so it is another excellent option for business professionals on the go. Insightly also offers a 14-day free trial of their software, so you can test whether it is right for you. With all the customization this software provides, you can tailor it to fit your business perfectly. And that is invaluable. If you want a customizable customer management solution, Insightly is the choice for you.


The final customer retention software to make our list is NetSuite, which offers a unique ecommerce feature that is excellent for business. This feature will automatically input data gathered from your website, allowing you insight without extra work. Their contact management features are unmatched, allowing you to inport information from any program. These awesome features are all easy to navigate, as well. That means turnover time is basically zero. If you want an easy to use solution that offers top contact management and ecommerce features, NetSuite is the best CRM solution for you.

With so many customer retention software options are there, it can be hard to make a decision. However, as a small business your needs are unique. That is why we are here. The software for customer retention management listed above will exceed any expectations you set for it. These CRM solutions are fit for micro to small businesses in particular, while still offering all the core functionalities you expect from the best customer management software. Consider your needs and try one of the CRM software providers listed above. You will not regret it.

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