Become A Top Manager Using These Tips From High Ranking Executives


Top managers are the highest ranking executives of a company. They hold titles such as President, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Operational Officer (COO) and Chief Information Officer (CIO), to name a few. They are the highest paid employees but they also carry the most responsibility for the future of the company. Here are five necessary requirements of a top manager that mid-level managers can aspire to gain.

Leadership Skills

A top level manager must have leadership skills just like a top CEO. These are more than management skills. You need to be able to influence others. You should inspire and motivate a team of professionals. A leader will create a vision for the company and sell that vision to employees. This is about knowing the big picture of the organization and being able to convey that to your subordinates. If you are a mid-level manager or a department manager, try creating a vision for your area of responsibility. Set long-term goals and inspire your team to reach those goals. This will develop your leadership skills, which are a vital component of being a top manager.


One such leadership skill that is absolutely vital to becoming a great manager is courage. Without courage, you will be unable to make decisions effectively. You cannot allow the fear of failure to prevent you from making decisions when you are under the gun or faced with strangle options. You need to have courage to make decisions, handle conflict management and large or difficult personalities and to take responsibility for your failures and mistakes. If you want to brush up on your leadership skills to become the best manager you can be, start working on becoming more courageous.

Ten Years Experience

Top managers have at least ten years of related experience. This could be within the company or another company in the same industry. You should try not to specialize too much. Instead, gain experience in several fields such as sales, accounting, marketing and human resources. You may even want to learn more about topics like the Bond Street referral program. These are the most important areas for a top manager to gain experience. They relate to the big picture of the organization. If you are a mid-level manager with only a few years under your belt, keep broadening your skills. Seek promotions where possible. Once you have ten years experience, you may be eligible for a top manager role.

Formal Education

Formal education is a requirement of top manager positions. Most professionals at the top have a four year degree in a business or technical field that relates to the company. In many cases, a Master of Business Administration with a completed MBA thesis is also required. If you are on the path to top level management and are currently employed, see if your company offers tuition assistance for further education and this could be a reason why you should get your MBA. Entrepreneurs that start their own company may decide to skip this step. However, it is highly recommended you complete some formal education in business. It will teach you skills necessary to run a company. In addition, it gives you an opportunity to network with other professionals. If you are looking to become a top manager, look at the education requirements at the companies you wish to explore. Make sure you have the appropriate level of formal education before you make the move from mid-level to top management.

People Skills

Excellent people skills are vital to the top manager role. You should be able to converse with a variety of people from corporate shareholders to entry-level employees.  You will be representing your organization in all areas like meetings, career fairs or marketing events. You must be able to tailor your conversations appropriately. Empathy is the most important skill for leaders. You should understand the feelings of others and realize that employees are unique individuals with different backgrounds. Moreover, you have to understand basics of managing people to work with a variety of personalities and continue to drive company goals. Top managers have developed people skills over the years. As a mid-level manager looking to become a top manager, you should be analyzing your people skills and improving them along the way.


When seeking a top manager role, you will need the guidance and advice of someone in a higher position than yourself. This is most effective when it is someone within the same company. A mentor can share their professional insights and experience. A good mentor will coach you throughout your career. They will help you to reach the top. Having a mentor will also give you an advantage over your competition. You will be introduced to their network of professionals. This may provide you with additional opportunities. Your mentor should share your accomplishments and be your cheerleader as you advance in your career. Make sure your work standards are impeccable so you are a viable candidate for sponsorship. If you are looking to be a top manager, talk to professionals with greater experience and see if they will consider mentoring you.

Mid-level managers looking to move to the top should remember these five requirements of a top manager. Being a top manager requires more than just knowledge of depreciation methods. Leadership and people skills require practice. A formal education and related experience will take time. Finding a mentor is the final step in moving to a top manager role. Remember this post as you advance in your career to become a top manager.

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  1. I think that the most important two things here are leadership and people skills. The more team oriented you are, the more successful your people are.

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