8 Reasons Why Get An MBA To Gain Skills Companies Demand

Obtaining a master’s degree of business administration is not an easy challenge. It might not be quite as hard as a legal or medical degree (aside from the GMAT to get into an MBA program there are no major exams required to gain certification or practice in your chosen career), but it still entails several additional years of post-graduate study to complete. And like any master’s program, in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and critical thinking are required to graduate, especially when it comes to completing a thesis or some kind of project for equivalent credit (depending on the demands of your program). Then, of course, there is specialization to consider.

In short, why get an MBA proves that you’re made of sterner stuff than the average baccalaureate degree holder, and it makes you a more desirable candidate for hire. In fact, there are several reasons why companies prefer to hire MBA grads. Here are a few that might convince you to go for the gold in your pursuit of a business degree, even in a finance degree.

Good Base of Knowledge

One of the best things about completing an online part time MBA program or a full time one is that it will indicate to prospective employers that you are adept (or at least informed) in multiple areas of business administration. The subjects you cover in some amount of depth could include management, human resources, production, PR, marketing, communications, finance/accounting, and any number of other facets involved in running a successful business. But what may appeal to companies even more is the fact that you’re schooled and likely skilled at using the latest programs and technology associated with business administration. For example, you may be trained to understand the ins and outs of social media marketing, something that many businesses are seeking help with these days.

New Ideas

There’s a reason why major corporations like to hire MBAs straight out of school: as a student you’re coming from an environment that encourages creativity and innovation, something that many businesses need in order to get the edge over their competition. Certainly experience is attractive, as well, but over time, those who fail to continue participating in the learning management system will become stagnant, regurgitating the same old ideas. An infusion of fresh blood, especially employees that are qualified graduates, can help a company continue moving forward in an ever-changing consumer marketplace and a growing global economy.

Proven Dedication

Not everyone has the level of dedication needed to complete a master’s degree program. By earning your MBA you will prove to prospective employers that you have the motivation and integrity to stick with goals until they have been accomplished. This is an important management trait to many companies that don’t relish the prospect of training an employee only to lose him or her to corporate poachers.

Management Skills

Any kind of business administration duties will require some amount of delegation, which means you will likely end up managing a team of other employees sooner rather than later. An MBA program should prepare you for this eventuality. While many companies offer their own management training programs in-house, they’ll gladly take MBA trained employees that are already prepared for the task.


Whether you attend a top online part time MBA program or you graduate from Harvard Business School, you’re going to learn how to manage your time and complete projects on your own as part of your education. Especially with an online graduate degree, companies have assurance that you can work independently for remote or travel positions. This is extremely valuable to employers, who aren’t going to want to hold your hand for long, or at all.

Team Player

Why get an MBA? Because it proves to employers that you have learned how to be a team player. In graduate business schools, you are sure to come across a plethora of Type A personalities all vying for leadership in any assigned project. So, by the time you graduate with an MBA, you will be well prepared to work as a team with even the most difficult personalities. Prospective employers will definitely account for all of the team activities completed when you apply for a job.

Professional Communications

When it comes to doing business, communication is everything. You will be communicating with various stakeholders, including customers, investors and employees. An MBA program offers you the opportunity to practice your communication skills. During the course of the program, you will fine tune your business communication skills. Every case study, essay, presentation and email further prepares you for the experience to come after graduating with an MBA degree.

Access To An Alumni Network

When you get an MBA degree, you will receive access to a robust alumni network. This gives you the opportunity to develop your networking skills. Many graduate candidates attend masters degree classes to gain a new network. In classes, you will meet other successful, motivated and like-minded business professionals. This is a great opportunity to learn from your peers with a wide range of background from various industries. Depending on the type of B-school that you get into, alumni networking is one of the most coveted skills that you will gain.

Certainly, these are five great reasons as to why get an MBA makes sense. Just be sure to do your research and be realistic about your commitments. Sometimes, a part time MBA is the way to go if you have a lot going on in your life.


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