8 Ad Targeting Tactics To Showcase Products To The Right Customers


Ad targeting is an useful feature that connects businesses with buyers on Facebook. It helps focus advertisement campaigns on particular groups of people among the 1.5 billion Facebook users. Utilizing advanced targeting options, marketers can tailor advertising messages to attract the attention of target audiences.  Quite naturally, showcasing products and services to the right customers increases chances for sales. However, it requires more than just using the most popular small business hashtags to get results. To give your Facebook marketing a boost, this post discusses eight helpful ad targeting tips.

Select Geographic Location

While creating a Facebook advertisement, you can select specific geographic locations. This step is essential for businesses that serve local markets. Luckily, Facebook allows marketers use zip code, city, state and neighborhood filters, keeping the ad reach focused only on their target market. This can help business owners that own an oil change place, for example, to identify those people that will eventually be Googling “oil change near me“. Certainly, reaching out to people who matter to your business improves your advertising effectiveness.

Consider Demographic Details

In addition to geographic locations, use demographic details by identifying prospective buyers for further targeting. Details like age, gender, relationship status, profession and educational background can be used to make sure the ads reach the right audience. For example, if your company makes office wear for women, targeting working women will help. Obviously, demographic targeting generates more value, attracting potential customers to your Facebook business page, which will undoubtedly lead to business success.

Use Detailed Targeting

The detailed targeting feature is fairly new for Facebook advertising. Facebook’s detailed targeting feature allows you to choose select interests that “must also match” the primary interests you select. For example, you may wish to target Facebook users who have an interest in politics, but also have an interest in social media. Use this tool to identify the best possible audiences for retargeting ads. This way, your digital marketing campaigns will get you the best results possible.

Observe Purchase Behavior

Observing the purchase behavior of your target audience is necessary for ad targeting success. This type of data can be sourced by monitoring buying patterns both on Facebook and offline customers. To this end, Facebook has partnered with third party companies to provide purchase details like time, items, cost and brands. Understandably, targeting audiences who buy products similar to your business leads to marketing success, regardless of whether or not you consider yourself one of those savvy social entrepreneurs.

Consider Life Events Targeting

If you are planning to make use of targeting ads on Facebook, you should definitely consider the benefits of the life events feature. If you business operates in an industry that is related to or centers around one of life’s big events that Facebook tracks, like engagement and marriage, birth, or death, this can be hugely beneficial. Your business will certainly gain an increase in sales volume by targeting ads for a new baby product to new parents or targeting ads for your photography business to a newly engaged audience. Consider the benefits of life events in social media platforms like Facebook for your next ad targeting campaign.

Aim For Website Visitors

Another popular targeting tactic is choosing all your website visitors as your audience. This strategy is especially useful if your website landing page gets thousands of unique visitors per month. Primarily, include all website traffic from the last one month, reminding already interested audience about your latest products. Additionally, there is option to include past website traffic in your targeting campaign. Definitely, businesses with defined markets can benefit by retargeting their niche audience, keeping them informed about all latest updates.

Consider Audience Interests

Since target audiences are formed with individuals with varied interest, considering their interest brings more focus to Facebook ads. Segmenting potential buyers is possible through information like hobbies, page likes, page visits and search queries. In addition to these interests, existing Facebook business page fans are definitely interested in your company. If you own a tutoring business, for example, you may wish to select an audience that is interested in education. Surely, notifying all interested audience members about available products will raise sales figures.

Prioritize Ads By Income

In case affordability is a major factor for buying your business offerings, prioritizing audience income is crucial. Using the Facebook Power Editor tool, marketers can select a particular audience by their net worth, liquid assets and monthly earnings. Furthermore, combine a broad buyer behavior with appropriate range of income, boosting ad targeting efficiency. On the whole, income targeting ensures that people who see the ads can actually buy your products or services.

Something to take advantage of, businesses can use ad targeting on Facebook for greater marketing efficiency. Although there are many ways of targeting Facebook users, you should select options that match your business needs the best. First off, select geographic locations of audiences. Then, further focus ad reach by using demographic data, purchasing habits and interests. Finally, take income levels into consideration, ascertaining the buying power of audience. Undoubtedly, proper targeting tactics is needed to get higher return on Facebook advertising cost. Thus, take these ad targeting tips seriously and implement them through your Facebook marketing campaigns.

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