Expert Landing Page Design Secrets To Improve Marketing Outcomes

Marketing professionals are always on the lookout for ways to improve growth. One of the best ways to reach a large audience is, of course, on the internet. You probably already know the importance of a strong landing page, but you may not know how to make a strong one yourself. This post will cover the basics of strong landing pages so that you can improve your own marketing skills and also use redesign website tactics to increase growth of your current company.

Landing Page Uses

Before you learn how to optimize your landing page, it is important to know the full breadth of what landing pages can be used for. Landing pages are typically used to collect personal information, particularly to generate leads. They can also be used to warm prospects up to offerings before pushing them into the next level of the sales funnel. When a landing page is used to collect personal information, it should do so in exchange for something, like a newsletter, podcast, blog subscription, ecourse or similar. If you find that you can utilize a landing page to improve your business, keep reading to learn how to make the best landing page.


Use images on your landing page for a better visual marketing experience. Including images in your landing page designs will make them much more effective. High-quality images and graphics draw visitors’ eyes to your landing page. That helps to pique their interest. Thus, it will be much more likely that they will respond to your call-to-action, as they are intrigued by what they see visually. Use high-quality, visually-appealing images and graphics when designing a landing page that will effectively drive traffic to your website.

Eye-Pleasing Design

The first thing that a visitor will notice is the look and layout of your landing page. Therefore, it is very important to make everything look neat, organized and appealing, just like all the top social media sites. Keep in mind the business’ personality and culture; make sure that the landing page is representative of that. Use modern design elements in the page, like muted colors and unique menus. There is nothing worse for a business than a webpage that looks like it hasn’t been updated since 2001. Once you have a visually appealing layout and design, you can ensure that your visitors will be drawn to stay for awhile.

Headlines and Copy

Another important aspect to a strong landing page is the text it contains, just like brochures design. Try to create exciting, intriguing headlines that will draw your audience in. Once you have them reading, make sure they continue reading by ensuring proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. More importantly, make sure the style of writing used is easily understood and kept relatively short. You do not want to bog your viewer down with too much reading as it will deter them from wanting to click around your page. If you are able to grab the page visitor’s attention with these small blurbs you will keep them on your webpage longer.


Keep hyperlink usage to a minimum. If you must include hyperlinks within the text, try to make them lead elsewhere on your site as often as possible. Now that you have the visitor on your page, the last thing you would want to do is to send them off elsewhere in cyberspace. The likelihood that he or she will click back over to your page is not very good. If you must include hyperlinks to other domains, make sure to program these pages to open in a new window or tab. This way you give yourself a better chance for the viewer to come back to your page. This presents another opportunity for them to click around and further engage.

User Information

One last small tip that could make the difference between your visitor staying onsite or closing out, keep the amount of information asked of them as little as possible. Visitors will be more likely to close out your page if you require them to fill out multiple fields, and you should not need much information for optimal content marketing practices. If you must ask for visitor information, try to keep it to just the email address if at all possible. Users will be more likely to enter an email than they will be to enter their name, zip code, DOB and more.

Marketing professionals have many uses for landing pages, so it is good that you have taken the first step to better familiarize yourself with the process of creating the best one possible for your business listing. Use these tips to create your next landing page and you may see an increase in views, engagement and ultimately growth of your current company. Always remember to keep things simple, neat and visually appealing while intriguing headlines whenever possible. Now, go ahead and put these tips to good use to make your own landing page!

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