9 Free Twitter Tools To Gain Maximum Brand Exposure


In terms of technology years, Twitter has been around for a long time. Twitter has become one of the best social media platforms to boost marketing exposure. Since it’s rapid growth and widespread user adoption, many tools have surface to help Twitter users. For almost any goal, there is a Twitter tool to accomplish it, including those of legitimate users and spammers.

Before choosing your own suite of Twitter tools, is important to note that there are highly automated tools as well as helpful, strategic tools for Twitter use. Over the years, many tools have when taken down buy lawsuits brought against their owners by Twitter and their spam detection department.

Obviously, it is not a good idea to get into legal trouble with a successful corporation such as Twitter. More importantly, it is ethical to respect the users and community that Twitter has built over the years. That means, if you find Twitter tools that are unfair or in violation of Twitter’s terms and conditions, it is not advisable to use them.

However, the right Twitter tools for business can dramatically impact a brand’s following and exposure. This can help you raise money for a business idea or improve sales. There are several tools that you can use to make your tweets more relevant, powerful and viral for maximum exposure. The secret is in the relationships!

Many tools that help users on Twitter are provided by Twitter themselves as well as third party companies. Some are simple, yet profound while others are more advanced. Depending on your needs, you can pick and choose accordingly.

Twitter Search

This is the internal search engine for Twitter. You can search users, topics and articles.

Twitter Mention Monitoring

Want to follow people who mention you? Monitor your mentions right within your account.

Twitter Link Shortening

Well there are many link shortening services, Twitter also has its own. Certain brands actually go as far as to create their own short link.

Twitter Publishing Plug-Ins

Do you own a word press blog or publishing website? Twitter publishing plugins allow you to integrate your account with your site so that your content can be published more quickly. This is a useful way to push that post about inspirational motivation quotes to your Twitter following as soon as it goes live.

Twitter Account Verification

There are services that allow you to verify at Your followers are real. This ensures that you are not talking to any spam bots or unwanted Twitter citizens.

Twitter Unfollow Monitoring

It is a great feeling when you follow someone on Twitter and they follow you back. But, it kind of sucks to see your followers drop. These tools let you monitor who unfollowed you and send you a notification when it happens.

Twitter Dashboard Suite

There are different kinds of social media dashboards and monitoring tools like HootSuite. They allow you to monitor multiple social media accounts at once to incorporate your Twitter account into your overall marketing strategy.

Keep in mind, corporate Twitter accounts and startups may use larger, more expensive monitoring services. But, these are all tools that are available to you for free. They allow you to use Twitter up early and create more connections to promote your company and brand.

Third Party Twitter Tools

In addition to the many in-app tools provided by Twitter itself, there are many third -parties that provide additional apps and programs to help you better manage your social media account.


Buffer is one such third party app for twitter that allows you to schedule your tweets. This is an incredibly important feature to have for business, because it allows you the ability to be constantly connecting with and engaging your followers. If you read our post about when to post on social media for maximum exposure, this tool can definitely help you increase your followers. This useful twitter app also provides great analytics for the tweets you send out through their service. This will help you to see what your followers like and what you can improve to bring your twitter presence to the next level. If you only download one third party twitter tool, make it Buffer.

My Top Tweet

My Top Tweet does exactly what the name implies. This Twitter tool helps find your top ten tweets. It identifies your top performing tweets of your entire Twitter feed. That way, you can figure out what you did right and duplicate your efforts to reproduce your success. This is a great way to increase engagement with Twitter followers and improve your social media presence overall. It is also entirely free. Give it a shot if you want to build a bigger Twitter following organically without having to invest in email marketing projects.

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