How Same Day Delivery Boosts Business Sales

With so much competition in business these days, gaining a competitive edge over your competitors isn’t easy. However, there are a few clever ways you can get ahead and same day delivery services is one of them. The best companies are the ones with a competitive advantage. Such business owners combine the competition factors with lifestyle business benefits and reap tons of advantages.

Speedy delivery has become a major preference for customers and clients and it started with next day delivery. Over the past year however, focus has shifted from next to same day deliveries. Amazon is even working on an even faster service, introducing drone deliveries which promise to deliver goods in as little as 30 minutes. So, if your company hasn’t started introducing same day deliveries, you could be falling behind your competitors. You do not need a loss leader strategy to get ahead.

Keeping Your Customers Happy

It’s crazy to think you can now log online, order your goods, and receive them the same day. However, that’s exactly what customers have gotten used to these days. Same day delivery has become extremely popular, especially for those looking to beat the crowds during special holidays such as Christmas.

Customer satisfaction is everything, so if you’re looking to keep your customers happy, a same day delivery service is going to really help. Of course, you can always add benefits like social media customer service. They tend to like this because it’s quicker, easier and more accessible. With expedited services, it’s convenient for the customer and they’re happy to pay a little extra to have their goods delivered quickly.

However, same day delivery services are only going to increase customer satisfaction if they’re reliable. If the customer is paying more to request a same day delivery, they obviously expect it to turn up. So, it’s important to choose a reliable, well-respected courier service like Inxpress that you know will deliver on time, every time.

Easier Inventory Management

When your business has a same-day delivery policy, you will not have to worry about wasting money holding stock. Same day delivery services allow you to manage production and sales hand-in-hand. That means you will not have to oversupply to meet potential high-demand in the future. Instead of wasting time and space on large inventories that just sit around, you can put those resources to more constructive use, like choosing a telephone answering service. This is a benefit that is exclusively available with same day delivery services.

Keeping Up With Your Competitors

Additionally, you need to provide same day shipping options because your competitors do. Consumers often purchase products too close to the time that they need them by. If they can buy a similar product from another company and get it within a few hours, they will opt for the other company. They do not want to wait two weeks for their goods when they can receive it immediately. Avoid losing customers to your competitors by offering same day delivery solutions. When you do upgrade your services, automate expense tracking as well. Then, you can ensure that you still earn a good profit. You can gain small business debt relief by increasing your sales and maintaining a positive cash flow.

Younger Customers Prefer Same Day Delivery

If your brand largely markets to the younger generation, it’s particularly important to offer a same day delivery service. Millennials tend to want everything right now and according to recent research, 30% say they take same day delivery into account when deciding whether or not to order something online.

As speedier delivery options are introduced, such as Amazon’s drone deliveries, this figure is only likely to increase. If you want to stay ahead of your competition, you can take similar steps and speed up your shipping delivery times. This will create a competitive advantage over others in your market. Thus, customers will choose your services first, increasing your orders. What is strategic planning? Same day delivery services are the definition of strategic planning.

Overall, if you aren’t offering your clients and customers same day delivery, you could be potentially losing a lot of business. The good news is, many couriers offer a same day service at a low, affordable cost. So, it may not be as expensive as you think to start introducing same day delivery to your customers. In fact, you could turn a nice profit if you’re selling items that are time sensitive, seasonal or perishable. To take advantage of this opportunity, get ahead of the competition with faster shipping solutions.

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