How Excel Timesheet Simplifies Employee Hour Tracking Tasks


Excel is the best place to create, maintain and share timesheets for the business you manage. Unfortunately, it can be complicated to create an Excel timesheet from scratch if you are not all that skilled at using the software. That is where templates come to the rescue! You may worry that a template is not the right choice for you or the business you manage. This post will list some advantages to using templates for Excel timesheets to increase efficiency for yourself and your business.

Saves Time

The number one advantage to using a template versus creating your own Excel timesheet is the amount of time you will save. That leaves you more time to work on that non compete clause with your business lawyer. If you do not already have reasonable knowledge of how to work in Excel, it may take you a while to figure it out. Even if you have the basic skills necessary to work in Excel, it will still be much more time consuming to go through the process of creating a timesheet in the program. The easy route is not always the best route. But, in business, time is money. Saving time by using a template will save your business money and make you a better manager.

No Cost

You may be thinking that these templates must come with a cost if they are worth using. However, there are many timesheet templates available totally free of cost and any financial consulting would tell you take advantage of them. All you need to do is do a quick search on Google and you will have plenty to choose from. Make sure to look at a couple options before choosing. You may not think there are many different ways to set up a timesheet, but you would be surprised. Browse through a couple before sticking with one. Make sure the template you are considering is free and you will have saved on some costs.

Less Work

Thanks to Excel formulas, these timesheets let you benefit from having to do less work. In fact, many training companies use this method themselves. Excel spreadsheets can be formatted to automatically perform a number of mathematical equations on its own. The Excel software has been automating the task of creating timesheets long before many of these new timesheet software options were available. If you want to do less work but get more done, creating timesheets in Excel can help you do just that.


Another worry you might have is that no single template could possibly include all the information you would like your timesheet to include. Not to worry. There are plenty of options available that allow you to customize various fields. Whether you are looking to include break hours or paid time off in your timesheet, you will be able to find a template that allows you to custom add these features. Customization is not provided by all templates, so be sure to search for templates that provide this feature if it is necessary for your business needs.

Plenty Of Options

In case you did not already notice this benefit from reading the other advantages to template use, there are an incredible amount of template choices available through the internet. This is also true of employee survey templates, but that is neither here nor there. You may have worried that you would be unable to find a template that fits your needs best. That is definitely not the case. There are so many templates available online, almost all are free. You will have plenty of templates to choose from to fit the specific needs of the business you manage.

How To Create An Excel Timesheet

If you want to create a timesheet in Excel, all you need to do is use these formulas. The first formula you need is to calculate the next four days and dates after your starting date entry. After you enter in the starting date and day, in the cell below enter the formula =TEXT(C6,”DDDD”) =C5+1. Then, after selecting the cells that contain the work hour times, right click and select “Format Cells,” and choose the correct time formatting. For help calculating hours worked and overtime hours, use the formula =SUM(K5:K9) and =IF(K12>K13, K12-K13,0) respectively. These Excel timesheet formulas will help you create a timesheet in Microsoft Excel.

Before deciding to set out on the grueling task of creating and formatting your own Excel timesheet, consider using a template so you have more time to learn about how to write a contract for business. The above advantages cannot be understated. As a manager, you know that time is of utmost importance, and using a template will save you a lot of time. You will not have a lack of options to choose from and many options will be totally free of cost. If you are concerned over specifics that need to be included in your particular timesheet, just be sure to search for customize-able templates to avoid any unnecessary headaches. Using an excel timesheet template will improve operations and guarantee a job well done.

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