Little-Known Advantages Of WordPress Hosting Managed Services

Establishing a web presence for your business is difficult work. It also requires a ton of important technology and digital marketing skills in order to succeed. That is why managed WordPress hosting is such an enticing option to business owners with limited technological expertise. If you are a a business owner who likes to focus on the less technical aspects of operations, find out the advantages of WordPress hosting solutions below.

What Is Managed WordPress?

A managed service helps your business get the most out of it’s technology. Specifically, these wordpress hosting platforms are optimized by the provider. The platform uses advanced setting to keep your business website running smoothly. For example, a wordpress site will have automated backups, core updates and caching. These features help keep your site secure and working fast. Keep reading for the advantages of wordpress managed hosting.

Less Time Wasted

You will waste less time designing your business website and launching it when you have an expert to do the heavy lifting. Managed WordPress hosting services are staffed by web development and management experts. If you were to do things on your own, it would take you ten times as long to build a business website and launch it successfully. You cannot compete with the high traffic influencers and other big websites. If you do not like wasting time, this is one of the most important advantages of managed WordPress hosting services.

Advanced Security

Managed WordPress hosting options provide much better cyber security than VPN hosting you attempt on your own. These web hosting services are designed to respond to potential threats immediately. Your system administrator will be there as soon as possible to take steps to protect your website from those newly emerging cyber threats. Furthermore, in the event of an attack, they will help remove malware and get your site working properly again. If you are concerned about your business cyber security, this is one of the most important advantages WordPress hosting companies offer your website.

Automated Backups

Managed WordPress solutions will automatically backup your data daily. This is a huge advantage, especially if you do not know the difference between verification vs validation. If anything should happen at all, your data is safe. You do not have to worry about a single mistake erasing months of hard work. A system administrator can simply restore a back up from the previous day, week or month. The versioning of backups are more robust with a dedicated managing team. Without managed hosting solutions, you would have to manually backup business data on your own or setup another type of automated wordpress backups. Obviously, this is a considerable benefit to managed hosting.

Faster Load Times

As you might know, worpdress performance depends heavily on caching. A managed service will optimize page caching which will improve you page load times. Some customers see their load times drop from 2s-3s to as low as 1.5s or less. As a result, wordpress web hosting offers better speed for your website. Since the performance of you website directly impacts conversions, a managed service could return that extra cost with just one extra sale. On top of that, many providers will implement server level caching so that your pages are served up even faster than full page caching. Certainly, a boost in speed and performance is a great reason to switch to managed wordpress hosting.

Expert WordPress Assistance

Managed hosting services provide you with expert assistance to help navigate every aspect of managing a business website. Shared web hosting solutions do not afford you this same assistance. This will come in handy many, many times – especially for those business owners new to managing a website. A dedicated support team that offers 24/7 service, live chat and help desk communications are crucial when business sales and customers are on the line. When something goes wrong, it helps to talk to a support team that manages your website hosting specifically. If that is you, the expert assistance provided by sysadmins servicing your managed hosting solution is a considerable benefit.

Increased Focus On Business

With managed WordPress hosting services, you are able to have better focus for other aspects of business management. No need to spend days of your week trying to manage the backend of your business website. Instead, you can dedicate that time to coming up with marketing planning ideas or creating new sales strategies. When you have a good managed service in place, you know that you wordpress hosting is taken care of. This leaves you to focus your attention on getting more traffic to your website. For a busy business owner, managed wordpress hosting is huge advantage to capitalize on.

Handle More Traffic

Typically, managed hosting comes with premium resources. This way, if you plan on marketing your business to the world and attracting many visitors, your website will be ready to server millions of pageviews. While a shared hosting environment could limit your resources, a managed wordpress hosting provider would ensure that you website can handle all the traffic it receives. Moreover, if your plan isn’t enough, they would advise you on the right package to meet your bandwidth and traffic requirements.

Not all business owners are digital whizzes. That is why many managed hosting services are so popular with small businesses. Building and managing a business website is a lot of hard work. It also requires quite a bit of specialized web development knowledge. Thus, there are so many advantages of WordPress hosting being managed for you. This way, you can benefit from the enhanced security, backups, performance and skills of experts. Consider these managed WordPress hosting benefits before you decide which web hosting solutions are best for your business.

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