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5 Smart Beta Strategies That Will Optimize Your Portfolio

Smart beta strategies present a method of investing that focuses on attaining Alpha, which is a term used to describe a strategy’s ability to beat the market. This is often done by combining passive and active investing strategies. Smart beta strategies generally seek optimal construction of a well-diversified portfolio with top investment products. Related investment approaches apply to asset classes ... Read More »

How To Set Up A Virtual Business Address Service For Home Office

A virtual business address can be a great way for home business owners to boost their branding and streamline their business processes. While using a home address for a business is free, a virtual address looks more professional and helps to protect the privacy of the business owner. Additionally, a business cannot use a residential address if they are applying ... Read More »

A Beginner’s Guide To Investing In Rental Property UK

There are several key steps to invest in rental property in the UK. One of the most popular investment strategies in the UK is buy to let. This is where investors purchase a property that they intend to rent out to tenants, rather than live in it themselves. When renting your buy to let, screening tenants for the property is ... Read More »

How To Choose The Best Drinking Water For Office Delivery Services

thEl There are many methods of choosing the best drinking water for office services. Inadequate hydration leads to headaches, loss of focus, and affects productivity in the workplace. Prevent these symptoms by implementing an office water service to increase morale and efficiency. Since dispensers serve as a place for employees to gather, they can discuss movies, sports, pop culture and ... Read More »

5 Effective Employee Retention Strategies For Small Businesses

For small businesses, employee retention strategies keep key team members growing and thriving at the company. Often times, keeping their talent from moving on to larger firms can be a constant challenge. Higher pay can help, but many employees are actually willing to forego a pay increase if they feel the job fits their expectations better. These expectations can range ... Read More »

An In-Depth Comparison Of Audio Vs. Video Conferencing For Small Business Meetings

There are several core factors to help you choose between audio vs. video conferencing for your small business meetings. Both business meeting styles allow you to use the internet to foster engaging, professional team conferences. With video conferencing tools, you can use interactive webcams, backgrounds, and annotations to make your meeting more exciting. Audio meetings, on the other hand, allow ... Read More »

How To Choose The Best Security System For Business

Deterring theft through security systems is a way to ensure that the loss of revenue is minimal. Theft and fraud account for an estimated annual loss of revenue that between 5 and 10 percent. These crimes can be perpetrated by customers, employees, or third party criminals meaning businesses can have multiple vulnerabilities. Managers looking to prevent security risks or reduce ... Read More »

5 Best Places For Looking For Office Space To Rent On A Budget

There are many places to look for office space to rent on a budget. Businesses often require office space after achieving growth milestones such as generating consistent revenue, hiring its first few employees and meeting new clients. Office spaces provide businesses with internet, phone, and networking services necessary for their continued expansion. As a business manager, searching for office space ... Read More »

How To Be Successful Through Digital Transformation In 2020

Digital transformation involves the incorporation of digital technology into all areas of the business. Such fusion changes the way the company operates and meets customer needs. It also entails a change in the culture of the organization. Businesses need to challenge the status quo, experiment, and be open to failure. Such changes encompass areas like: Transforming The Business Process As ... Read More »

Essential Business Firewall Router Hardware For Network Security

There are many essential business firewall router hardware options that provide network security. This hardware monitors traffic and keeps your local network secure. As cyberattacks become more complex, so have routers and their firewalls. Many of today’s firewall routers include intrusion prevention (IPS), antivirus, web filtering, and anti-spam services. As a business owner, understand that 43% of all data breaches ... Read More »

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