Most Affordable Franchises To Produce Returns Quickly For Entrepreneurs

Franchises offer entrepreneurs one of the best business opportunities to take advantage of. However, opening a franchise is not cheap. The franchise fees and associated franchise startup costs of some of the top franchise businesses can be exorbitant. Oftentimes, that puts the chance of becoming a franchisee far out of reach for many hopeful entrepreneurs. But do not despair, there are many affordable franchise opportunities out there for entrepreneurs with a limited budget. Find out the most affordable franchises for you to look into for your future self-employed career in the post below.

Real Estate Franchises

Real estate franchises can be one of the cheapest franchises for you to consider. Despite their affordable initial investment requirements, you can still make quite a bit of money off these operations. RE/MAX LLC realty is one of the most affordable franchises in this industry and in any other industry too. Initial franchise investments start at just $38,000 for the brand. Of course, the success of your business is dependent on a number of different variables. But with such low franchise startup costs, you are sure to quickly produce a return on your investment. That is why you definitely want to consider RE/MAX franchise opportunities if you are looking for affordable real estate businesses to invest in.

Travel Agency Franchises

Affordable travel agency business opportunities abound for entrepreneurs. There are many different cheap franchises that fall under the umbrella of travel agencies. Many entrepreneurs shy away from travel agent franchises. They worry that market demand is fizzling out for travel agents. However, this is not true. You can open a travel agency franchise for as little as $2,095 if you choose to open a Cruise Planers franchise. Or, you can even open a Results! Travel franchise location for even less of an initial franchise investment cost. That makes it easier to quickly make enough to cover your initial investment. If you are looking for the best low cost franchises to capitalize on and still get some enjoyment from your business, consider these affordable travel franchises.

Senior Care Franchises

Senior care franchise opportunities are frequently one of the most affordable franchises for entrepreneurs on a tight budget. These types of businesses are best owned and operated by those with a background in healthcare or in home healthcare business in particular. Or, it can also be a great fit for those with a kind, gentle manner and a passion for helping others. If you meet those criteria, opening a Visiting Angels franchise could prove to be one of the most lucrative business opportunities. Now, the Baby Boomer generation is aging into retirement and becoming senior citizens. That means there will be plenty of market demand for senior home care services like Visiting Angels.These senior home care franchises start at just about $40,000. If you want to find cheap franchise opportunities to capitalize on, this is certainly one of them.

Commercial Cleaning Franchises

Entrepreneurs with a limited franchise investment budget should look into commercial cleaning franchise opportunities. Commercial cleaning franchises, like Stratus Business Solutions, top the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 list year after year. Business building managers almost always outsource cleaning services to franchises like these. That means there will be high market demand for your low cost franchises. The Status Business Solutions franchise fees are negligible, starting at just $2,700 for a unit. Or, you can choose to look into an Abbey Carpet franchise or a Buildingstars franchise for the initial investment of just $2,245. This makes cleaning franchises one of the perfect no-experience necessary franchises for entrepreneurs with a limited startup budget. Keep these commercial cleaning franchise opportunities in mind when deciding to become a franchisee.

Exercise Franchises

Exercise franchises are one of the most affordable franchises available to entrepreneurs. These exercise franchise opportunities are particularly lucrative if you choose to invest in a Jazzercise franchise. Jazzercise franchises top the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 list year after year. And, they only require a minimal franchise investment of just $3,700 to start. Jazzercise businesses have been around for longer than many other affordable exercise franchises. That is what makes them one of the best fitness franchises to consider investing in as an entrepreneur on a budget.

Becoming a franchisee is an exciting prospect for many entrepreneurs. But for many, their limited business budget prevents them from taking advantage of lucrative franchise opportunities. If you are one of those entrepreneurs with limited business funds, then consider the low cost franchise opportunities detailed above. These top affordable franchises are some of the best business opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to produce big returns on their investment. Let us know which franchise you decide to open in the comments, and good luck!

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