What Customers Expect From Air Duct Cleaning Businesses

Air duct cleaning businesses get a bad reputation due to the acts of many scammers and inexperienced operators. As a business owner, you know that this causes consumers to be overly demanding and inquisitive about your services. This can be exasperating because it negatively affects your bottom line. Fortunately, just knowing what consumers demand from you may just help alleviate some of this frustration. Read on to learn what customers expect from your air duct cleaning business.

Approved Cleaning Products

When it comes to chemicals, customers expect air duct  to work with approved cleaning products. The savvy consumers know that the EPA has list that they can reference to verify that your company is using permitted chemicals. Additionally, they know that it is not always necessary to use them. To avoid the plethora of questions from customers and chemical engineers, business owners should offer up an unsolicited and brief explanation for their use. Moreover, you should show the customer that the antimicrobial solutions you are endorsing meet the standards set by the EPA. Sound reasoning in this area will demonstrate your expertise and build trust, two key components of growing a successful air duct cleaning business.

Proper Equipment

Even the most skilled DIY-ers do not tackle air duct cleaning because they typically lack the proper equipment for the job. These particular customers will, without a doubt, be expecting you to have it. Likewise, they will probably want to know how the equipment works so be prepared to explain why you chose the hand tools over the portable system. If your equipment purchase was decided by limited financial resources, plan to justify how your equipment is suitable for their specific job. The more knowledge you can impart on your customer about the equipment, the more likely you are to gain a repeat customer.


Customers will be looking for your certifications if they have done their due diligence. Certifications improve productivity in air duct cleaning businesses. They know that being a certified air system cleaning specialist, for instance, shows your dedication to professional development. This makes them confident that you have the knowledge and skills to properly clean the air ducts in their home or office. Additionally, having specific certifications qualifies you to bid on larger projects. For just a few hours of continuing education per year, you are positioning yourself to grow your air duct cleaning business and give the customers what they expect.

Keep Family Safe And Healthy

Since most people cannot clean the air ducts in their homes or offices themselves, they are expecting you to help keep their family safe and healthy. Afterall, the services you provide can rid the air ducts from pollutants that can cause respiratory diseases like asthma. In addition, those same areas can also harbor microbes that are responsible for much more dangerous illnesses. Rest assured, if customers are looking for air duct cleaning, they are counting on you to help with their family’s safety and good health.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Customers want a satisfaction guarantee particularly for services rendered in concealed areas. And rightly so. They may be watching you use equipment and products to clean their air ducts, but they have no real way to inspect your work. By standing behind your services, customers will feel like they have an insurance policy. Afterall, educated customers know that re-cleaning air ducts is not a cost-effective way for you to run your business. When sourcing cleaning services, clients expect enhanced customer satisfaction. Providing a satisfaction guarantee is something customers expect from air duct cleaning business owners.

Business owners of air duct cleaning businesses can find themselves under scrutiny because of dishonest competitors. Being armed with the proper information, however, can help you break the litany of questions and proactively anticipate your customers’ expectations. Having approved cleaning products and proper equipment is a great place to start. Adding certifications to your portfolio helps to elevate you to expert status. With a customer satisfaction guarantee, you will be telling your customers that you want to help keep their families safe and healthy. It is important to know what customers expect from air duct cleaning businesses so keep these points in mind.

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