5 Justifications For Using An Alcohol Monitoring System In The Workplace

Over the years, there has been controversy over the use alcohol monitoring systems in the workplace. Employees see it as an invasion of privacy while business owners feel that its use is warranted. Often times, they are applied to minimize poor employee performance on the job. Certainly, this debate is not an easy one to mediate. For this reason, business owners need to clearly explain why it is part of company policy. Read on for some justifications for using an alcohol monitoring system in the workplace.

Protect The Business

Many business owners implement alcohol monitoring systems to protect their businesses. It is important for you to communicate this to employees during the interview process. After all, being upfront about this tells prospective hires that the health of the company is a focal point. Furthermore, they should know that the results from these tests can be used to limit the company’s legal liabilities. By being open, you are demonstrating to employees that alcohol scans are not a punishment. Surely, a good reason to use an alcohol monitoring system is to protect the business.

Promote Safety

Promoting safety is another talking point when informing your employees about an alcohol monitoring system. Certainly, employees who are under the influence at work pose a safety hazard. This is particularly worrisome when the work involves operating heavy machinery. Of course, accidents from alcohol can happen even with desk jobs. This is why it is important to remind your employees why you employ breathalyzer tests. Certainly, implementing an alcohol monitoring system can promote workplace safety for the business.

Enforce Policies

Next, remind your employees that alcohol tests help to enforce policies. This not only protects them but also hold everyone equally accountable. Moreover, it eliminates the need to schedule offsite urine tests. Instead, you can randomly request employees to take a thirty-second breathalyzer test. No doubt, your conscientious employees will appreciate the convenience. Additionally, you will have instant results, allowing you to act upon them much faster. Enforcing policies is one of the benefits of using an alcohol monitoring system at work.

Peace Of Mind

Finally, when speaking with employees about implementing an alcohol monitoring system, touch upon your desire for peace of mind. Let them know that having instant, tangible data on their sobriety eliminates the need for the time and energy consuming task of seeking out their records. Running a business with the inclusion of breathalyzer test can eliminate a source of stress for small business owners. This way, you can rest assured that your employees are sober, and take appropriate steps to correct any who are not. Indeed, peace of mind is a valid reason for using alcohol tests at the office.

Business owners who use alcohol monitoring systems should be prepared to defend its use in the office. First, tell employees that the primary reason is to protect the business. Then, there is promoting safety in the workplace. Furthermore, its use helps to enforce policies and hold employees accountable. Lastly, you explain the peace of mind that these systems offer to employers. If you are in the market to monitor your employees’ sobriety, consider these justifications for using an alcohol monitoring system in the workplace.

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