Surprising Alibaba Subsidiaries Investors Should Know About

If you have not already heard of the Alibaba Group, you must have been living under a rock for the last five years. Alibaba is an ecommerce company that provides B2B, C2C and B2C sales services via their well-known websites. In addition, they also provide electronic payment services, shopping search engines and cloud computing services to businesses and consumers in need. Now, Alibaba has grown to surpass Walmart as the largest retailer in the world. Investors like you may be surprised to find out just how many companies the Alibaba Group has now grown to encompass. Find out more about these Alibaba subsidiaries below. After all, investing in Alibaba is almost certain to produce higher returns than investing in property in Mexico or elsewhere.

Ant Financial Services Group

Ant Financial is a financial services provider that is owned by the massive Alibaba Group. This financial services group tailors their services to small and micro enterprises and consumers. They work with other financial institutions anticipate society’s future financial needs and then develop solutions for them. Ant Financial Services Group encompasses multiple businesses. These include Alipay, Ant Fortune, Zhima Credit and MYbank. Clearly, Alibaba is much more than just an ecommerce business.

Taobao Travel

Taobao Travel is just one part of the larger Taobao marketplace. However, it is a big step for the company that investors should know about. The Taobao marketplace is a commerce-oriented social platform for individuals and small businesses. The travel portion of the marketplace is comparable to Orbitz or Priceline. It provides online travel booking services to help users of all kinds find the best travel deals possible. This may not have been a company you imagined Alibaba to own. That is why it is important for investors to consider.

Youku Tudou

Youku Tudou is the name of the Alibaba video streaming service. It is, like other Alibaba subsidiaries, the largest online video platform in China. This was a recent acquisition for the ecommerce group, costing roughly $4 billion for the remaining shares the company had not yet acquired from their 2014 investment. This is in addition to Alibaba’s other entertainment holdings, including ChinaVision Media Group and Wasu Media. This is a recent development for the Alibaba Group that investors would be wise to learn up on that make it easy for the company to outperform EMR stock.


Alibaba Group has also invested $100 million in a company called TutorGroup. This business is an English-learning tutoring platform. The TutorGroup platform was initially developed to connect students in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan with over 2,000 English-speaking teachers from 30 different countries. More recently, the business has expanded beyond English-language tutoring services to provide a variety of tutoring services to over 40 countries worldwide. While Alibaba’s total percentage stake in the company is not clear, this is definitely still one of the Alibaba companies they should keep an eye on.

Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud is China’s largest provider of public cloud services. It is also, somewhat obviously, a subsidiary of the Alibaba Group. This company was established in 2009 to provide cloud computing services to businesses all over the world. This services are offered to merchants, start ups, corporations and even government organizations. Alibaba Cloud is also the official cloud services partner of the International Olympic Committee. If you are an investor, this is a company that makes investing in Alibaba even more tempting than it already was.

If you are an investor, you surely know that the Alibaba Group is the world’s largest retailer. This has probably led you to do some research about investing in Alibaba. One of the most important things to learn about the company is what exactly it is that they do, even if you know you will never have to worry about a trade deficit. The Alibaba Group owns a slew of businesses in a variety of industries. The Alibaba subsidiaries mentioned above are some of the most prominent Alibaba companies for investors to be aware of. Consider these holdings when you are deciding whether or not an Alibaba investment is a worthwhile expense.

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