Amazon Repricing Software Tricks To Optimizing Online Marketplace Sales


An amazon repricing software automatically changes product prices to be competitive with other sellers. For businesses who sell on Amazon, the online marketplace is a tough place to survive. Hundreds of sellers are trying to optimize their sales on the giant online platform. If your products are not priced competitively, customers will buy from the competition. To stay competitive, Amazon repricing software reduces manual labor and time required to update pricing. However, you still have to monitor the software settings to achieve your sales targets. This post will tell you about the best ways of using repricing software for Amazon, whether you sell office gifts or sports gear.

Start By Pricing Products Manually

Instead of using the Amazon repricing software right away, start by repricing products manually. This initial practice will give a better understanding of the online marketplace. Most online sellers begin with higher prices and reduce them to see how buyers respond. Once you have found an optimal pricing range, the Amazon repricing software can be put to better use to help you stay competitive in a tough online retail industry.

Choose An Amazon Repricing Software

There are several repricing software in the market. Each of them offer their own unique features. Furthermore, the repricing methods tend to differ between various platforms. To choose one that is right for your business, utilize free trials and demos to learn about the software. Of course, trying the software and interacting with the support team should make the decision easier for you.

Select Products For Repricing

Initially, entering all you products into the repricing software may be risky for your ecommerce business. If something goes wrong, you do not want to sell products at the wrong price. Amazon sellers typically try the repricing software on a small section of product inventory before scaling the solution across the business. By starting small, you can minimize the chances of pricing errors and make better repricing decisions.

Set A Maximum And Minimum Price

For Amazon repricing software to work properly, minimum and maximum prices should be set for all the selected products. Setting the minimum price is essential for preventing the loss of profit margin. When calculating pricing, the minimum price takes shipping charges into account. Sellers have to be cautious while deducing the minimum price, leaving a little room for profit. On the other hand, the maximum price, which maximizes your profit, should be calculated so that buyers do not regret their purchase. Then, the repricing software can set products based on your range and the competition’s pricing.

Update Your Max/Min As You Go

When you use Amazon repricing tools to set your maximum and minimum prices, you should also look to update those figures every once in awhile. As your Amazon selling business grows, your financials will be different. Not only that, but Amazon product pricing shifts vastly from month to month, week to week and even day to day. Or, you may be planning to implement sales incentive programs that will mess around with your existing min/max pricing. You want to be sure that your business remains competitive with other Amazon sellers. Every once in awhile, go back and refresh your minimum pricing and maximum pricing allowances for your Amazon business using those repricing features. This will help your business stay competitive for many years to come.

Identify Your Actual Competitors

Competitors are not all sellers who offer similar items. They are sellers who are in direct competition for the product you are selling. To increase sales, do not make the mistake to assume that you have to offer the lowest prices. Buyers compare Amazon seller profiles and reviews. Especially if your business is fulfilled by Amazon, or an FBA seller, the level of trust and confidence can justify higher pricing. Moreover, if your products are superior, a high price can be justified as well. Certainly, focusing on the right competitors will have the Amazon repricing software give you the best return.

Keep Monitoring And Adjusting

To optimize the reprice software’s impact on Amazon sales, the changes made should be carefully monitored. As the software changes pricing, the seller can extract valuable insights about the market without the hefty price tag that comes along with sales forecasting software. For example, if prices are rising, then the competition is probably weak in that product category. It might be time to invest in more inventory or expand the product line. Or, if prices are falling, the competition could be taking sales away. To win more customers, you may have to offer better quality products or customer service. In both instances, Amazon repricing software should be tracked to get profitable results.

Get Inside The Amazon Buy Box

Amazon repricing software can get your product into the coveted buy box. If you do not know yet,  the Amazon Buy Box is the small box in the product detail page where buyers can see your products. Of course, sellers receive increased exposure and sales when products are featured. Properly using a repricing software, your products could be optimized to get into the box without all the manual effort of optimizing.

Avoid This Mistake

There is one myth about amazon repricing software that is perpetuated constantly. That myth is that Amazon repricers can lose you money. As a business owner, you definitely want to be aware of this. This is not true. As long as your repricing software is configured properly, you will not loose money. The issue arises only when your software is configured improperly, causing pricing errors and ultimately lost money for the business owner. So be sure to set up whatever repricing solution you choose properly, to be sure you keep as much money in your pocket as possible.

If you are just getting started with Amazon selling, gain some experience with your products and markets. Then, when using an Amazon repricing software, choose one that works in real time and reliably changes product prices according to the competition. Next, set up the repricing software with your minimum and maximum prices in relation to your competitors. Finally, be sure to continuously monitor your Amazon repricing software and its effects on sales. Oh, and do not forget to make use of social media customer service to ensure your customers keep coming back for more.

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