Emerging Retail Industry Trends For Businesses To Act On Now


A retail industry analysis reveals a hugely diversified sector that includes e-commerce, departmental retailing, convenient retailing, specialty retailing and vending. These businesses sell goods and services to consumers that include anything from appliances, clothing, furniture, sporting goods to foods and beverages. As done in analyst training online, retail industry analysis is broken down into the range of products offered by companies. Furthermore, careful analysis of the retail industry would be helpful for anyone already in the sector or considering the possibility of it.

Retail Industry Influences

The retail industry is dependent on the economic condition in general. It is driven by the individual buying power of the consumers and influenced by consumer choices. That is why customer research is so important in this sector. Clearly, when the economy is doing better, the retail industry receives a direct boost. Therefore, retail industry sales are likely to benefit from rising employment growth and increase in discretionary spending.

Social Responsibility Matters

One of the most prevalent retail industry trends is the rise of the conscious consumer. Today’s shoppers do not just care about the product itself. They also care about how it was made and who the company is behind the product. Consumers want to know that they are shopping at a socially responsible business that cares about environmental sustainability and transparency. This is important for anyone hoping to enter into the retail industry in today’s age. After all, employee performance only matters so much.

Increased Interest In eCommerce

Moreover, the retail industry is continuously evolving. The technological advancements in retailing have resulted in an increased interest in e-commerce. More consumers are moving towards digital shopping options because of its convenience. Retailers are expanding their shopping experience across digital platforms to take advantage of this opportunity. Furthermore, retailers are integrating digital signage and marketing into physical store locations. To have a competitive edge, retailers have to compete for sales on multiple fronts.

Data Security Is A Growing Concern

As digital platforms drive sales, data security has become a growing concern for retailers. Shop-lifters and dishonest employees had always created the issue of theft, a major problem in the retail industry. However, the increase in retailing technology has been accompanied by a rise in identity theft and credit card fraud. These new cyber-crime concerns pose a great threat to the overall industry health. As you can imagine, investing in improved and updated retail security systems has been an ongoing trend in the industry. These tips for e-commerce data security will certainly help with this issue.

Competitive Market For Analysis

The retail industry is certainly a competitive market for analysis. Retailers must maintain an efficient supply chain management process to meet the demands of the consumers on a regular basis. With an increased demand in convenience, retailers are required to ensure on-time deliveries for a broader customer base. Then, the retailers have to deal with the new evolving security demands of the industry. To stand out from the crowd, retail industry leaders are working to manage inventory, increase customer convenience and heighten security measures. As the retail industry continues to change, retailers can enjoy a stable growth if they can innovate without compromising on customer experience.

Hard Products vs Soft Products

Any analysis of the retail industry would be remiss to mention the two different types of retail products. Oftentimes, market demand is entirely different for the two. Hard products are goods that are exactly that — hard. Hard goods refers to appliances, sporting goods, furniture, electronics etc. Soft products refers to any good made of fabric. So, clothes, bedding and window dressings are all soft goods. It is important to take note of this. Oftentimes these items will be mentioned in various retail analyses, so these terms are a must-know for those in the industry seeking out computer market research.

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