5 Creative Ways To Find Amazon Wholesale Suppliers For Your FBA Store

Amazon is a competitive marketplace. This means that Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) store owners must get creative when sourcing product lines. You need to find unique wholesale suppliers for your store. To maintain a competitive edge, you do not want to offer the same products as everyone else. Adding wholesale to your business model provides you with a wider selection of sourcing options. Additionally, wholesale suppliers offer large-scale product purchases for a fraction of the cost. Many Amazon sellers have strategically aligned with American dropshipping suppliers. However, there are still an abundance of opportunities with traditional wholesale suppliers. This will also improve your profit margins. Here are a few creative ways to find Amazon wholesale suppliers for your FBA store.

Amazon Product Trends

You can find wholesale suppliers for your store by searching for product trends on Amazon. There are several extensions you can install to make this process easier. These extensions will provide you with a sales history report on the products you are interested in. They will also help you identify how many of your competitors stock this item. This will help you later when negotiating rates with wholesalers. Once you identify the item you are interested in, use Google to search for this brand. This will connect you with wholesale distributors and manufacturers who carry this product. It is useful to begin your wholesale supplier search by identifying product trends on Amazon.

Use Local Suppliers

You can also use local suppliers to source products. This option is beneficial for many reasons. First, you get to know your seller on a personal level. This sourcing method also enable you to support your local economy. Additionally, if they are close enough, you can save on shipping costs. You may even be able to pick up the items yourself. Moreover, local products are typically not distributed on a global level. By sourcing locally, you can provide your market with products they would not have access to otherwise. This will give your FBA store a competitive edge. Think locally when sourcing Amazon wholesale suppliers for your FBA store.

Trade Shows

You can also attend trade shows to find Amazon wholesale suppliers. Trade shows provide sellers with the opportunity to source products and meet new vendors. They are also a great way to stay up to date on the latest product trends. These events are held in big cities throughout the year. Certain trade shows exist specifically for a product niche. This may include toys, gadgets, or craft supplies. There are also large trade shows where you can find products across all categories in one place. Trade shows present sellers with the opportunity to meet manufacturers. This cuts out the middle man when sourcing products wholesale. If you secure a wholesale account with a manufacturer, you can get a better price per unit. Attend tradeshows to source Amazon wholesale suppliers for your store.

US Import Database

You can also use the US import database to find Amazon wholesale suppliers. Within this database, all container contents and import data is documented clearly. You can use this information to keep track of your competitors’ suppliers. Because every import is clearly documented, you can also discover the contents of each shipment. The size and frequency of these shipments will let you know how the competition is faring. You can use this information to identify the holes in their product lines. Within your own store, you can fulfill the market that they are missing. The import database also enables you to undercut the competition. Using this information, you can negotiate better pricing and terms with industry suppliers. This will give you access to proprietary products that set your store apart from the competition. Use the US import database to find valuable information on wholesale suppliers.

Product Packaging

Lastly, product packaging is a simple way to find Amazon wholesale suppliers. In your search for suppliers, you want to look for a unique packaging design. Nearly every product has the manufacturer’s name and contact information printed on its packaging. If you can only find the name, you can easily Google this to find the rest of the information. Using packaging is a creative way to diversity your FBA store. Look for retail finds that you are interested in selling online. Then, connect with manufacturers using this as a lead. This strategy will give you a competitive edge on Amazon. Products that are typically sold in brick-and-mortar locations will add value to your online store. This will enable you to provide local favorites to a wide audience. Use product packaging to connect with wholesale suppliers for your Amazon store.

There are many creative ways to find Amazon wholesale suppliers. First, track product trends on Amazon’s site to find the distributors of popular product lines. You can also support your regional economy by sourcing on a local level. Attend trade shows to connect with manufacturers that cater to your industry. Use the US import database to gather information on the competition. Lastly, find the manufacturer information on the packaging of products that you love. These are a few creative ways to find Amazon wholesale suppliers for your FBA store.

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