How Animated Videos Benefit Your Brand Marketing

Animated commercials are created from drawings and graphic images that come together to tell video stories. They are very popular because they are easy for companies to produce. Customers also respond well to them. Have you ever heard of animated videos for business purposes?

Nowadays, animation is one of the types of videos that companies are using the most in their video marketing strategies. These videos are growing in popularity with each passing day. Consumers show more interest in videos than they do written material. For example, on average, Americans spend more than 39 hours a week watching videos on the Internet. Thus, businesses can reach more consumers through animated commercials.

Animated Videos For Business?

Yes, it is something that is increasingly popular! With the advancement of video marketing strategies, companies are looking for videos to diversify the way they communicate and reach their customers. Instead of reading an article or an advertisement for your company, most people will enjoy watching an explanatory video about your product or even an institutional video about your business.

But, you may be asking yourself: For this kind of purpose (business video marketing), is it appropriate to use animated videos? When we talk about animated videos, a natural association is to think of videos for children, such as movies and cartoons. But this idea has fallen apart and we can talk about animated business videos!

Animated commercials offer several benefits for businesses. Successful companies use this type of advertisement for several reasons. For example, you can create a company-branded custom video for social media or your company website. Continue reading to learn how animated videos can benefit your brand marketing.

Low Production Cost

This is one of the main benefits that animated videos provide. Their low cost is due to the use of simpler technologies in production. No film crew or highly professional equipment required. No actors will be needed either, as all the content will be animated. You will only need software for video creation or even some company that specializes in creating business animations. Improve your video content marketing campaigns and keep costs low with animations.

The Imagination Is Infinite

Unlike a video with real people and scenarios where imagination is limited, the experience of creating an animated video is far more interesting. For your imagination can fly freely. Your production will not be limited to one physical place. You can also use unimaginable places and create magical stories. With content like this, people will be more interested in what you have to say. Because you will invite them out of the routine and dream about your company.

Explain Complex Ideas

With animated videos, it is possible to explain complex and naturally difficult subjects for human understanding. Explanatory images make presenting data, infographics and more complex themes simpler. Image lectures and presentations are 43% more effective when you need to engage people with a topic. And the same logic can apply to animated videos. People naturally have a clearer and broader understanding of a given subject when they can see the explanation. This is a tool that animated videos provide. Create infographics and relay other ideas effectively through animation.

Best Return On Investment

Furthermore, businesses always take cost into consideration when applying a new strategy. At this point, the animated videos drop in front! Animations are cheaper to produce. Live action videos require actors, locations, cameras, equipment and other expensive resources. In contrast, animations are produced by a skilled individual with a laptop and the right software. Of course, the lower cost provides a better return on investment than other types of video.

That is, by investing in animated videos, your business will make a faster return without having to make a big investment right away. You can explain ideas and products for you company effectively while maintaining low costs. Moreover, animated videos give you unlimited potential to create engaging content that resonates with your audience. With increased opportunity and lower costs, your business stands to make a great return on these types of videos.

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