7 Appreciation Event Ideas Your Staff Will Love

Your staff is the heart of your organization. They’re the lifeblood that pumps extraordinary work to allow you to achieve your company objectives. Keeping them motivated and energized to work are goals you must always attain as the head of the company. Sustaining your employees’ passion through little appreciation events is a small investment worth having because if they’re passionate about working, they will give more than a hundred percent of their effort and will make the atmosphere in the workplace more positive and happier. It can also help improve company culture in your office.

Even giving a going away party for coworker who you will not get to work with anymore is still an opportunity that could inspire others within the company. Others will see that somebody leaving will be treasured for their contributions and will be honored, which they can also look forward to. To give you a hint, here are other appreciation event ideas that your staff will surely love:

Company Town Hall Meetings

A monthly town hall meeting with the head honchos of the organization will be something everyone can anticipate with hope. This is a great tool to boost employee engagement, morale, motivation, and retention. Rank-and-file employees typically don’t meet the organization’s top executives in the office. And giving them an avenue where they can ask questions and get to know their leaders a little personally could excite them and make them feel genuinely a part of the organization. A town hall meeting can also be the time to celebrate big and small achievements and award team members who have done exceptionally well. Doing this will motivate others to do even better. You can conduct town hall meetings in a conference room in your location or virtually if you have staff in other parts of the world.

Summer Outings

Everyone looks forward to summer. It’s a time to let loose, relax and recharge. You may organize a summer outing at the beach, a theme park, or a ranch. It’s an opportunity for everyone to bond and feel appreciated for hitting business growth targets. A summer outing can be a reward for the entire organization because if not for them, you wouldn’t be able to surpass all the goals you’ve set at the beginning of the year. Setting aside a budget so your team can have fun and enjoy is a worthwhile investment with great returns.

Annual Dinner

An annual themed dinner is a highly anticipated event that everyone grandly prepares for. This is yet another great strategy to improve workplace employee recognition. A night of socializing over excellent food and wine amidst a great setting with music and entertainment is an appreciation event everyone will work doubly hard for. They will surely exert more effort because in this event, you will recognize the team member, manager of the year, and other grand awards you want to give out. Many organizations choose a unique theme every year to make this annual event more exciting and most awaited. Typical themes include a night of white, a masquerade party, academy awards-inspired, and even a fun Disney-themed party.


Birthdays should never be forgotten. It’s one of the most memorable days for anyone, and remembering it can give meaning, importance, and joy to their lives. Surprising anyone on their birthday is heartwarming; even a tiny cake to blow and a simple banner will be much appreciated.

Company Anniversaries

Celebrating milestones in the organization is almost customary. It lets others know what’s in store for them if they stay. Some organizations have a tier of rewards to celebrate and remember anniversaries. And as the years get longer, the rewards get more extensive. To celebrate one year, companies often give a customized pen, a dinner for two gift certificates, or a water bottle. For five years, an elegant journal; for ten years, a sophisticated watch with engraving; and for 15 years, maybe an espresso machine or a trip out-of-town.

Thank You Notes

The art of writing your gratitude is not dead, if at all, in this modern and digitized world; it will be more appreciated. Some companies create a printed template of their values and distribute them among the staff so they can easily compose their message to anyone who shows them values the company wants them to emulate. One company gives out Be considerate, Be knowledgeable, Be Genuine, Be involved, and Be welcoming cards. These values are the hallmark of their organization, and team members who exemplify these areas are consistently recognized through these cards.

Coffee And Donuts In The Morning

Surprising your team with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and yummy doughnuts in the morning will cheer them up and energize them throughout the day. Small surprises like this would be embedded in their minds and would make them realize that the company they work for truly cares for them and wants them happy.

It only takes a small thing to make someone smile. Consider all the different ways innovative companies are celebrating their employees. In the workplace, where the work of each individual can be easily overlooked, the practice of showing appreciation must never be ignored. Planting seeds of gratitude and appreciation, such as greeting someone on their special day and scheduling corporate events, can pave the way for the continued success of your organization.

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