Are Online Business Ventures As Profitable As People Make Them Seem?

In the internet age of the 21st century, millions of people are side-gig hustling or even working full-time on their online businesses. The benefits of an undertaking such as this have been praised time and time again:

  • You get to create a schedule that suits your life.
  • You can save big money on daycare services if you work from home, if you have children.
  • You get to spend time with your family when you’d otherwise be working.
  • Your level of success is only limited by your ambition.
  • Anyone with an internet connection can get their talents/passions out there for others to observe and buy.

If these sound like some awesome benefits to you, you’re definitely not the only one. But if you see this list and raise an eyebrow with skepticism, we don’t blame you either. There’s a lot of debate as to whether or not these online business pursuits really make the kind of money that we need to sustain our lives and improve how we live. A lot of people don’t believe that you can make a serious grown-up income from behind your computer screen.

And they couldn’t be more wrong.

The Struggle Is Real, Though.

One major perceived “downside” of going into online business for yourself is that the market is absolutely saturated with like-minded entrepreneurs who want to get their foot in the door on your industry.  It’s not enough to simply offer a quality product or service. You need to be able to market it, otherwise you won’t reach an audience.

Businesses have to be competitive with their online presence; otherwise they’ll be overlooked in favor of their competitors. So no matter how great your product or service is, you need to make it appealing to the public that you want to buy from you. For example, an online business is offering mercato online grocery delivery and people who find it appealing will opt to get grocery delivered. This means finding an appealing way to display your products/services and getting the word out there organically is important.

If this sounds like it’s too far over your head, you’re not alone. Fortunately there are tons of full-service digital consultant companies that exist to help small-time and big-time business owners alike promote their wares and reach a wider audience than they could have ever done on their own.

Online Businesses Aren’t For Everyone.

Some people really do their best when they are committed to the 9-to-5 grind, and that’s perfectly fine. What works for one person might feel like a nightmare to another. Before you choose to start your own online business, it’s important to consider all of the details before you do anything next.

  • Can you produce reliable and consistent results/products?
  • Do you have the time and knowledge to dedicate to a viable online presence?
  • Is this venture going to be an alternative to a “traditional” job, or will it supplement your income from your existing employment?

You need to approach this life change with a sense of rationality and caution, because going into business for yourself is time-consuming and quite taxing.

In Conclusion

Yes, online business ventures really are profitable enterprises, but not inherently so. It takes some real time, dedication and a quality product that people want before you will see any success, much less grand profits that will boost your yearly income.

With the right amount of determination and knowledge about your market, you can make a living with an online business venture. But don’t expect it to be as easy as a few strokes on the keyboard. It’s much more involved and demanding than that.

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