How To Escape Your Office Job With A Side Gig

Sure, it’s OK for everybody else, but you’re different; the boredom and office politics at your full-time gig just weigh you down. What to do? Try using a side gig to slowly replace your income with the freedom and possibilities of self-employment. Almost every successful business owner had to start from humble beginnings; they had an idea and plugged away at it until they made it.

Don’t forget that you’ve got an advantage: Your full-time job can keep you housed and fed while you get your new business off the ground. Take a look at these four fantastic side gigs that could be your ticket out of a cubicle and into the C suite!

1) Become An eBay Seller

eBay has been the ticket to successful self-employment for millions of people over the last 20 years — sure, you need to find a product, but that’s part of starting a new business. Lots of people make a fantastic income selling vinyl records, old CDs and out of print books that they find in places like:

  • Garage sales
  • Thrift stores
  • Estate sales
  • Craigslist ads

Of course, once you’ve built up a good reputation on the eBay platform, you can invest in bulk purchases of wholesale goods and set yourself up as a serious online retailer.

2) Write A Book

Thanks to the popularity of the eBook format, and the ease of selling eBooks from the Amazon market place (or even your own website) — it has never been easier to become a best-selling author. We have written an entire post on how to self publish a book.

The old gatekeepers at the publishing houses can’t stop you with a rejection letter anymore. If you have a way with words, a great idea and some basic self-promotion skill, you can quickly end up writing yourself into a new life of independence and financial security.

3) Start A Blog

Blogging has become big business. This awesome side gig has the potential to make you thousands of dollars a month through affiliate marketing, Google AdWords, privately placed ads and promotional content.

All you need to do is find a niche you’re willing to devote serious amounts of work to dominating; here’s what you need to start:

  • Google AdWords account
  • Affiliate marketing partners
  • A catchy domain name
  • Some basic search engine optimization (SEO) knowledge

And, of course, lots of content — you need to give your readers valuable information to read to bring them to your website, gain their trust and convince them to click on those ads and affiliate links!

4) Try Direct Selling

Sales has been the ticket to financial independence for generations of people worldwide. Don’t scoff at a direct sales opportunity. Unlike pyramid schemes that promise everything while draining your wallet, Amway is a way to sell popular, high-quality products backed by an instantly recognized brand name.

As a multi-billion dollar, international, direct sales company — your income is based on the products you sell. Use direct sales to build your own sales empire; if you have a talent for sales, love meeting people and want the confidence of being backed by the oldest name in direct sales, then selling could be the way out of your office job and into making money on your terms.

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