5 Types Of Telephone Auto Attendant Scripts For Good Impressions

There are many types of telephone auto attendant scripts for making good impressions. Auto attendant scripts benefit businesses in several ways, including cost reductions, maintenance of a professional image, and call screening. Additionally, they have a significant impact on customer service quality and save time by dealing with common repetitive calls in an automated fashion. As a business manager, help improve your business’s customer support and foster happy customers while decreasing employee workloads with the right auto attendant script. Read on to discover five types of auto attendant scripts for good impressions.

Welcome/Main Menu Scripts

Welcome and main menu scripts are the most common and widely-used auto attendant scripts. Typically, they include a greeting that provides your company name and its mission in a concise way. They also provide callers with various options to direct their call, such as customer service, technical support, regular business hours, and more. Of course, the options offered here depend on your industry. Additionally, these scripts often direct callers to your human receptionist automatically if no option is chosen. This way, customers calling your business have their questions answered and customer service needs fulfilled every time they call. Surely, welcome and main menu scripts provide a variety of customer service information.

After-Hours Scripts

After-hours scripts are a great way to provide passive customer service outside of business hours. Many business phone systems let you program your business working hours, and an auto-attendant greeting for when customers call outside of them. This way, clients are reminded of normal business hours and given a time frame to expect a return call. If your business offers 24-hour customer service, there are many live answering services you can contract with to field calls outside business hours. Then, you can set up your script to direct incoming calls to the service provider. Of course, you can also hire a telephone answering service to support high call volumes as well. Absolutely, after-hours scripts enable your business to provide customer service outside of normal working hours.

Seasonal/Holiday Scripts

Seasonal and holiday greetings are a great way to maintain customer service processes while keeping a festive spirit. If you’re in the proper industries, holiday auto attendant greetings are an awesome way to market limited-time sales to customers. Additionally, you’ll want to inform customers of any holiday-related closures. Similar to after-hours scripts, holiday scripts enable your business to provide customer service and marketing passively while it’s closed. Certainly, seasonal and holiday scripts ensure prudent customer service and marketing capabilities even while your business is closed.

Individual Extension Scripts

Provide each customer-facing staff member with an individual extension script. They can record their own, you can provide them a script to follow, or hire voice talent. Whichever way is chosen, your employees will be able to provide customer support even when away from their office phone system. Implement the scripts for when employees are out for extended periods, such as on annual or extended leave, and vacations. Often, these scripts include a simple way to contact an alternative employee if necessary. Definitely, individual extension scripts provide specialized customer support to customers even while employees are out of their offices.

Custom Delay Messages

Custom delay messages provide more effective options for customers waiting for their calls to be answered. Often, generic delay messages alienate calling customers due to not reassuring them. Instead, custom delay messages harness customer frustrations and provide helpful advice, reinforce company values, or introduce new products and services. Of course, you’ll be deciding which of these various benefits to implement as a custom delay message, depending on your industry and the services you offer. Indubitably, replacing generic delay messages with custom ones provides various benefits and makes your business sound more professional.

There is a myriad of types of auto attendant scripts that make good impressions. One such type is a welcome and main menu script, that automates responses to common, repetitive calls. Second, after-hours scripts provide passive customer service outside of business hours. Holiday and seasonal greetings continue to provide passive customer service and marketing capabilities while your business is closed. Individual extension scripts enable your customer-facing employees to provide specialized customer support. Finally, custom delay messages harness customer frustrations to provide them with advice and company values while making your business sound more legitimate. When wondering about the types of auto attendant scripts for good impressions, consider the types described above.

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