5 Crucial Bar Code Scanners Features For Inventory Management

When taking inventory, most modern warehouses utilize bar code scanners to expedite the process. Inventory managers pride themselves on efficiency and accuracy. Therefore, a good barcode scanner is a necessity for warehouses that aim to get it right every time. As you explore your options for good bar code scanners, take these features into consideration to find the best technology for your business.

Scanning Hardware

A good bar code scanner relies on the type of products you need to scan. Take this into account to discern the scanning hardware necessary for inventory management. There are different types of bar code scanners to choose between. Decide whether you need a laser scanner, linear imager, or 2D area imager to immediately narrow down your choices. Figuring out your scanning needs will make it easier to find a good bar code scanner.

Hands-Free Compatibility

With inventory coming in all shapes and sizes, a good barcode scanner will have hands-free compatibility with automatic scanning. Whether handling cumbersome packages or a large number of small items, hands-free compatibility can expedite the process. This is especially true if you need to scan inventory in awkward commercial installations setups. A stand to hold the scanner in place with automatic scanning features allows you to scan continuously without fumbling with the scanner. Inventory managers looking for a good bar code scanner will appreciate the flexibility of hands-free compatibility.


Accidents happen. A good bar code scanner should be durable enough to survive a drop without going out-of-commision. At a bare minimum, barcode scanners should be designed to withstand multiple drops from 6 feet onto concrete. More rugged designs, like Zebra’s
LS3578-ER, is rated for at least 50 drops from 6 feet onto concrete. Being sealed against dust is another way to ensure the durability of your bar code scanner. Take your crew and work environment into consideration. Then, focus on the durability while exploring your options for a good bar code scanner.


A cordless scanner is ideal for all situations. Mobility is paramount when it comes to deciding on a good bar code scanner for fulfillment comnpanies. Inventory managers may find themselves up and down lifts, on their hands and knees or crawling between spaces to scan each individual piece of inventory. Not having to worry about tangling or tripping over a cord during inventory management tasks will make everyone’s day easier. If you will be on the move, consider going for a cordless barcode scanner.

Bluetooth Receiver Range

A good bar code scanner will have superior Bluetooth receiver range. This means as long as you are within the distance limit of the Bluetooth receiver, you can freely scan items that are then automatically uploaded to your system. For example, the Nadamoo has an effective indoor range of 100m. Outside, the range further increases to 400m. Being able to scan to and from anywhere is a surefire time saver that is only possible if you select a good bar code scanner with these capabilities.

To ensure efficiency and accuracy and avoid getting injured at work, every inventory manager needs a good barcode scanner. Knowing the scanning hardware you need will confirm you have the proper tools for the job. Hands-free compatibility allows for flexibility depending on what is being scanned. Cordless scanners provide unmatched mobility, and a powerful Bluetooth receiver range only enhances what you can do while you’re on your feet. Lastly, superior durability will ensure your scanner lasts for years, regardless of drops and accidents. Hit these points, and you are sure to find yourself a good bar code scanner that would make any inventory manager jealous.

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