The 5 Best Business Antivirus Solutions For Advanced Protection

It’s no secret that businesses of all sizes need protection from hackers and cyber-criminals. Many industry leaders predict that the level and complexity of cyber attacks will only increase in the coming years. Cyber security should be a primary concern of risk and compliance for small businesses as well as large corporations. As an executive, you must implement many levels of business security to protect the company, hard working employees and valued customers. In order to prevent any breeches, consider the best business antivirus solutions available. They can keep your business running smoothly with advanced protection from potential hackers.

Basic Business Antivirus Protection

Initially, small business antivirus can be covered with a free or basic package. If you are only using one or two computers, a smaller license or protection package would work well to protect against viruses, Trojans and other types of harmful software. Depending on what type of antivirus you choose, a paid solution will generally cover the basic antivirus protection requirements. You can use this solution in a home office, small business or early stage start up environment. To keep costs low, executives of small business can utilize a basic antivirus solution.

Server To Endpoint Antivirus Solutions

In larger companies, executives need business protection solutions that can handle desktops, laptops, mobile devices and servers too. You will need additional protection as you realize the devops business value and return on investment. This IT infrastructure needs more robust business antivirus packages. You will need a solution that can manage all of these endpoints from one server. Instead of installing a separate antivirus program on each device, your team can just manage all endpoints in the network from one single server. By simplifying the protection of multiple devices in a network, your business can easily implement server to endpoint antivirus solutions.

Rollback Ransomware Software

Another major concern, ransomware attacks can be mitigated with rollback solutions. This business antivirus feature allows your company to rollback to a previous version. In the event of an attack, you have a back up so that any cyber criminals who are demanding ransom have very little leverage to work with. As you can imagine, hackers will want you to pay for the data that you have lost. But, if you have a back up and simply rollback, you do not have to negotiate with them at all. This could save your company thousands of dollars. With this protection in place, you can simply unlock and restore company files to keep day to day operations running smoothly.

Scanning Business Antivirus Technology

Many business antivirus solutions offer real-time scanning protection. As long as the scan does not take up too many resources, or is hosted in the cloud, there is very little downside to real time monitoring. Various antivirus solutions will identify abnormal behaviors in company systems and unified technologies. When your systems us a normal amount of resources on a daily basis, the antivirus program will continue scanning. If there is an irregularity in that usage or activity, the program will notify you right away. Whether it is a performance or security issue, smart scanning software can keep your business protected from malware and other malicious software programs.

Business Email Security And Encryption

Furthermore, your business antivirus solution can provide protection for your company emails. Since email is one of the most popular forms of communication for businesses, it is also a high risk area for security. Many attackers can disguise themselves to capture sensitive business data. Your antivirus solutions can secure your email communications, sending secure messages, encrypting data and scanning incoming email for potential risks. Whether you are sending or receiving, keep outgoing and incoming business emails protected with your antivirus solution.

Business executives are responsible for protecting their company’s information, customers and employees. In order to find the best antivirus solution for business, ask for these components. At a very basic level, protect individual systems and devices. As the business grows, integrate server to endpoint security protection. To avoid any ransomware situations, choose an antivirus solution that can rollback important files and systems. If possible, have real-time scanning to protect against threats as soon as possible. Of course, find a solution that will protect your business email activities as well. These are all important business antivirus solutions that can offer advanced protection.

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