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Unified Technologies provides technology solutions for your small business to improve operations and increase productivity. You may have heard of Unified Technology Solutions or other similar companies. Perhaps you would like a little more information on Unified Technology Solutions and the services they, and similar companies, provide. This post will highlight some of the services provided by Unified Technologies and describe ways they may benefit your small business.

Phone Systems

Unified Technologies provides phone systems for its clients. Before opening your own small business, you may not have realized just how specialized this field is. Setting up, and maintaining, larger phone systems is nowhere near as simple as setting up your personal phone at home if you are working from home. That is where Unified Technologies comes in. Unified Technologies may help lower your phone bill each month. They also provide new exciting features like voicemail to email capabilities. This is a cool feature if you, or your employees, tend to let voicemails pile up and go unanswered. If your business is in need of new or improved phone systems, Unified Technologies may be the solution.


Unified Technologies also offers services for data storage and backup. If you do not currently back up the data of your small business, you are putting your business at great risk. That data is essential to your business’ ability to operate properly. Do not leave this area to guess work. Unified Technologies has multiple solutions for data backup. If your data is safe, so is your business. Allow Unified Technologies to help you to back up your small business’ data. This will maintain current operations and allow your workers to keep doing their jobs.

Business Security Systems

Business security is the act of allow who you want in and keeping who you do not want out. Without a reliable access control system, this is difficult to near impossible, especially if you use outsourcing services. Unified Technologies offers access control systems. The access control tools regulat doors and elevators electronically, addressing real-world security challenges and concerns. In addition, the company offers KeyScan Access Control Systems, Homewell DSC security alarms, video surveillance and interactive video monitoring. If you are concerned about business security, Unified Technologies has solutions to ease your mind.

IT Support

If your small business has a need for IT support, look no further than Unified Technologies. No matter what question you may have, whether it is “What is an ERP system?” or something equally as complex, Unified Technologies has the answer. As your business grows, you may encounter road blocks along the way. Having the support provided by Unified Technologies will allow you to navigate the tumultuous time with ease. The answers provided by the company can help keep operations running smoothly. It can also help you to avoid the growing pains felt by your competitors, giving you a competitive advantage. The IT support offered by Unified Technologies is a considerable advantage for any small business.

Hosted Email

If are looking to improve operations for your small business, then hosted email is a definite must-have. Unified Technologies will set you up with a hosted email. This means you, and your employees, can access work email from anywhere with an internet connection. If you are looking for an immediate way to increase employee productivity, hosted email is your best bet. For small business owners like yourself, every employee is necessary for proper office operations. With hosted email you will never have to worry about productivity being affected whenever someone takes a sick day. Unified Technologies provides you the ability to reap the benefits of hosted email.

Whether your small business has just opened its doors or you are simply looking for technology solutions to improve current office operations, Unified Technologies is a great company to consider. They are much more than just computer troubleshooters. With offerings for phone systems, data backup, IT support and hosted email, no matter what your business needs, Unified Technologies has you covered. The technology solutions provided by this particular company can help to improve operations of your business and increase employee productivity. Thinking of these reasons, Unified Technologies can be a great choice for business.

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