5 Best Business Phone Services To Professionally Manage Your Calls

There are many business phone services that can professionally manage calls. They track metrics such as call duration, hold times, wait times, and more. Most advanced phone systems share one business number across multiple users. As an operations manager, phone systems allow you to take your business number anywhere there’s a high speed internet connection. Read on to discover the best business phone services to professionally manage your calls.

Enterprise Level Plans

There are many enterprise-level phone service plans offered at small business prices. Several of these plans offer call recording, voicemail to text delivery, and voice analytics. These metrics provide means of improving phone interactions with clients and customers. You can also use an enterprise resource planning software to streamline communication procedures as well. Additionally, enterprise-level plans mostly run on advanced data centers. One specific enterprise-level provider reported 99.999% uptime in 2019 and 2020. This way, you have confidence that your calls won’t be dropped. Surely, enterprise level plans provide reliable communications and a means of improving phone etiquette.

Video/Web Conferencing Services

Video and web conferencing services are another great business phone solution. Video and web-based conferences are great for collaboration due to screen-sharing options. Verbal descriptions of projects and workflows leave room for confusion and misinterpretation. Eliminate these risks by showing the completion of these projects visually. Additionally, providers vary on the number of possible video call participants. Some offer rooms with up to 100 people in them. Of course, video and web conferencing phone services provide robust collaboration over calls.

Unified Communications As A Service

Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) providers provide many advantages over traditional cell phone companies for business. UCaaS integrates phone, messaging, video conferencing, and business applications such as CRM programs into one central platform. By eliminating the need to switch between several applications, employees collaborate more efficiently. Additionally, UCaaS solution store data in the cloud, so your business has access to necessary data such as customer contact information. In the unfortunate event of a natural disaster striking the premises, this important data is preserved. Absolutely, UCaaS providers streamline workflows and preserve crucial data.

Low-Cost Plans

There are many plans and providers that offer advanced features at lower costs, making them great for smaller businesses. Many of these providers work on a variety of devices as well as offer basic video conferencing. In fact, several low-cost providers create their service offerings with work environments where employees use personal mobile devices in mind. Often, these solutions are cloud-based, so the setup addition of new users is quick. Certainly, low-cost plans provide various advantages such as device variety, video conferencing, and cloud storage without huge investments.

VoIP Systems

Finally, many businesses embrace voice over internet protocol (VoIP) as an advanced phone solution. VoIP maximizes efficiency by using the internet to transmit voice and call data, offering many advantages over traditional landline phone systems. You can easily integrate computers with VoIP systems, so employees can send voicemails to their email inboxes. Additionally, VoIP services are easily managed from a single online portal. Service administrators assign phone numbers and extensions as well as enable or disable certain features. This way, you can eliminate the need to switch between individual applications, allowing you to be more productive with this extra time. Indubitably, VoIP systems provide simpler integration and management solutions that increase productivity.

There is a myriad of business phone services that help manage calls professionally. Enterprise level plans are one example that provide insights for improvement as well as reliability. Video and web conferencing services are a second example that significantly impact collaboration capabilities. A third example, UCaaS solutions use the cloud to securely store various data. Plans at lower costs often offer many robust general features at affordable prices. Finally, VoIP services fully integrate many phone system features into one application. When wondering about the best business phone services to help you manage calls professionally, consider the points above.

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