5 Best Company Swag For Employees In The New Year

There are endless best company swag for employees in the new year. Finding a promotional product that every employee can use can be a difficult process. Of course, companies should select something practical, thoughtful and unique. As a business owner, give out products to increase brand engagement and pride throughout the company. Additionally, these swag items can penetrate new markets, drive referral sales all while keeping your employees loyal and committed. To choose the best item, here is the best company swag for employees in the new year.

Custom Swag Boxes

A personal item to gift your employees is a custom swag box. Each employee gets a special box with items catered to them. For example, if some employees like to hike, add a logoed water bottle, sweatshirt, backpack and a pair of sunglasses into their box. These are items are practical and can be used often. Or, say you have employees who like sweets. You can pack an ice cream topping set, different candies, blankets and a dual wine holder with bottles into their box. These custom swag boxes are great for small businesses with limited employees as each box can be personalized. With infinite ways to mix and match promotional items, custom swag boxes are great to give your employees.

Charcuterie Board

A unique swag piece to give your employees is a charcuterie board. Add a simple-wood etched logo to increase brand awareness and drive sales whenever employees utilize these boards. These boards can be used for get togethers, parties or date nights. Give your employees cheese, meat and crackers to put on their boards. You can even include a bottle of wine. Of course, use products from partnered businesses such as a butcher, food store or restaurant. This swag item is great for any business size and can be engraved with each employee’s name for a personalized touch. Certainly, a charcuterie board is an amazing company swag idea for employees in the new year.

Self Care Items

Of course, self care company swag items are appreciated by all employees. These items show that you care about employees’ well-being. Give out branded products such as hand sanitizer, lotion, tweezers and chapstick. This is a cost-effective way to show your business is mindful about personal care. Additionally, your employees feel looked after and cared for. Of course, you can give your employees individual items or you can put them into a swag pouch. With the branded pouch, employees can transport their self care items without hassle. Certainly, self care items are a popular swag idea for business employees of any size.

Tech Accessories

Another popular swag idea for your employees are tech accessories. Give your employees a logoed mouse pad that doubles as a smartphone charger. This could be great for those who don’t work near an open outlet. It is also a good way to promote work-life balance as the pad is used during work but can charge your phone for extra curricular activities. Or, if your employees have key sets that are constantly being lost, give them tracking devices. Therefore they can find their keys through their phones. Of course, you could also give them branded fitness trackers with notifications. You can create goals for employees to reach using their fitness trackers for fun rewards such as an extra day off. These can also notify them when they receive a text or phone call. Everyone can use tech accessories which makes them a top swag idea for your employees in the new year.

Work From Home Swag

Finally, many companies have their employees work from home (WFH). Gift your employees with WFH swag. Include items such as notebooks, pens and a cable organizer. Of course, you can add a desktop set which features sticky notes, a pen holder, and a stapler. Don’t forget to include everyday office items such as a mouse pad and hard drive. With the new age of technology, working from home usually incorporates meetings on Zoom. Therefore, you can gift your employees a rechargeable LED selfie light ring. They can attach it to their computer camera so they look their best on screen. Definitely gift your employees work from home swag to show you still appreciate them even if they aren’t in the office.

There is endless best company swag for employees in the new year. As it can be hard to find good employees, think of ways to make your team feel appreciated for their hard work. A popular swag idea is a custom swag box that caters specifically to each employee. This will make them feel special and appreciated. Consider a charcuterie board as it can be used for any occasion which can increase brand awareness and sales. Of course, show your employees you care about their well-being and health with self care items. Also consider giving swagged out tech accessories. They can help employees focus on work, keep track of their items and focus on themselves. Finally, gift your work from home employees with some swag. This can include notebooks, computer accessories and every day office items. These are the top company swag for employees in the new year.

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