5 Best Corporate Swag Items For Promoting Your Company

Corporate swag is a great tool for a company to inspire corporate loyalty. Given to employees, this swag can provide practical solutions for office place problems. Team collaboration can be enhanced with this swag. It can even provide marketing solutions if employees are encouraged in the right ways. An office manager for a big company can see the benefit of swag to aide these two goals. You may wonder though which items work best to market and inspire loyalty. These are the 5 best corporate swag items for your company.

Engraved Notebooks

If your company requires employees to take a lot of notes, engraved notebooks can be a great swag idea. These small notebooks embossed with your company’s logo will look professional and impressive in your employees’ hands. It also customizes something your employees would expect to receive form you anyway. These sorts of notebooks look expensive but are very reasonably priced when bought in bulk. An engraved notebook is not only a practical, but memorable piece of swag.

Water Filtration Bottles

Giving employees water filtration bottles will improve their loyalty and their health. Tools such as inspirational career quotes can improve your employees’ mental health, but physical health is also important. These bottles feature built in filters can render any tap water source drinkable. This not only save the company money on a water filter, it encourages the employees to drink more water, at work and at home. Water is far superior to your employees’ health than any other drinking option. As a result, the bottles encourage your employees to take up healthy habits.

Logo Stickers

Logo stickers not only give your employees a fun activity but can serve as the bedrock of a marketing campaign. Once you distribute logo stickers to your employees, encourage them to place them all over the area and post them to social media. This fun activity may go viral and produce a lot of free marketing for your company. Even if it doesn’t, the stickers all over the place will reinforce brand visibility. Your employees can also put them on their equipment and reinforce branding in the office. Stickers are always a fun way to build your brand.

Screen Cleaner

Since most of your employees use computers for work, branded screen cleaner can be a great swag offering. Technological equipment is becoming more and more popular in offices thanks to the uproar of using social media for business. All electronics need periodic cleaning, both to keep their appearance and function. Cleaner will not only keep your employees’ equipment in good repair, it will encourage clean habits. This is also a cheap item to provide as swag. Personalized bottle of cleaner are available for very little if bought in bulk. Screen cleaner allows you to provide employees with a needed item and make it look like a gift.


Branded electronic chargers are a great swag item no matter who the recipient is. Increasing universality of chargers and phone use have made chargers an essential office tool. Everyone is always looking for a working charger to charge their phone, tablet, or e-reader. Having an office where every charger is branded with your logo would be a powerful symbol of brand unity. Giving your employees dedicated chargers for their offices will also be a relief to them, since they won’t have to remember one. Chargers are the most practical swag item you can give anyone.

The best swag items to give employees are practical ones. Engraved notebooks can make their note taking elegant. Water filtration bottles encourage healthy habits. Logo stickers can build viral marketing. Screen cleaner can help your employees keep their electronics clean and functional. Chargers are always useful in the smart phone age. Any of this swag will help build loyalty with your employees and encourage a practical workspace.

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