Top Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions To Streamline Operations


Enterprise resource planning, or ERP, software features a series of business-management applications for all types of businesses, from real property management to boat repair shops. These applications can help to improve businesses by offering more effective data collection, organization and analysis. If you are a business owner interested in using an system for enterprise resource planning at your business, you are in luck. Below we have compiled a list of the top 4 ERP software available in 2017.

What Is ERP?

Enterprise resource planning includes the day-to-day operations that keep a business running. ERP processes include accounting, project management, manufacturing and many more. That is why ERP solutions can have such a positive impact on overall business efficiency. This is especially true if you choose one of the top four options mentioned below.

Mobile And Cloud Solutions

It is important to note that there are a variety of ERP solutions to choice from when bootstrapping business. One of the most basic distinctions you will quickly notice is the prevalence of mobile ERP software. While you would be hard pressed to find an ERP program that is entirely mobile, it is still an excellent tool to help you narrow down your search. If you need mobile capabilities from your cloud ERP solutions, make sure you find a program that offers mobile capabilities, like SYSPRO Espresso mobile or one of the solutions below. Make sure to consider this factor in your search.


Deltek is a leading provider of enterprise software. The company offers a variety of enterprise resource planning applications that you can pick and choose from. Their Costpoint program is a versatile application that can help you track finances, handle accounts and manage project manufacturing and human resources. Maconomy is their primary finance application, while Ajera is designed to help you track and analyze project details in a central database. Each application by Deltek is created to operate independently, so you can find exactly what you need from one program. However, together they make an extraordinary, holistic ERP system.


Intacct is a cloud based enterprise resource planning application that can help to manage even the most complex accounts in the service industry. Intacct was named the leader in accounting software back in 2015. They offer a variety of core financial applications that can help turn your business into an empire. Aside from accounting, Intacct also has a set of additional solutions for many business industries. Their software is designed to help improve healthcare services, streamline grant management for nonprofits and even monitor cash flow for hospitality businesses. The added benefit of the cloud makes Intacct a great option for any business that needs to be ready on the go.


Oracle is another cloud service for enterprise resource planning software. Oracle focuses primarily on providing businesses with the tools they need to complete strategic finance operations. This particular software for ERP is designed to work for companies of all sizes. From small businesses to large corporations, Oracle can help to collect and analyze important data. If you are a frequent business traveler, this cloud-based solution could be best. Oracle is dedicated to helping you to gain an insight into your company, industry and consumer through information. One way that Oracle does this is through its customizable settings. Oracle users can personalize their application suite to fit their needs. If you want something that is optimized to work for you, Oracle is the way to go.


Shoptech’s E2 Shop System is an ERP software that does it all. Planning, scheduling, purchasing and quality control are just some of the ways in which E2 Shop System can work for your business. E2 Shop System features a mobile dashboard so that you can always stay in tune with business operations, even on the go. Their data collection software features unmatched productivity, and all you need to set it up is a wireless connection, unlike most 4p marketing software. Demo versions of their various applications can also be downloaded before purchase, so that you can make sure E2 Shop System is exactly what you need. If you want something that is accessible and efficient, E2 Shop System is the ERP solution for you.

Enterprise resource planning software is available in many forms for all different types of businesses, from sports analysts to personal assistants. Whether you only need to download one application, or you want a whole suite of business management tools, you are sure to find something with one of these software solutions. Now that you know the top picks of 2017, you are ready to see for yourself which one works best for your company

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