What Are The Best ETF Stocks For Long Term Growth?

There are many great ETF stocks for long term growth. Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) allow investors to grow their portfolios in both the short and long-term. They combine instant diversification and fast liquidity, making them great for both first-time investors or parts of a veteran’s portfolio. As an investor, consider the underlying assets and fees of any prospective ETF to ensure a significant ROI and value. Read on to discover the best ETF stocks for long term growth.

Real Estate ETFs

Real estate ETFs provide categorically diverse stock options. As one of the best real estate investments, real estate investment trusts (REITs) come pre-diversified due to their extensive real estate holdings, but they rarely invest in multiple types of properties. REIT ETFs provide simplicity in portfolio creation, since they are already diverse. Using an ETF avoids the headaches of accounting for several REIT purchases because ETFs are one-time investments. This way, tracking of the investment is made easier. Surely, real estate ETF’s provide complex, diverse portfolios in a simple way.

Preferred ETFs

Preferred ETFs are an equity class issued by companies. These stocks allow businesses to raise capital without increasing debt. Since preferred stocks trade separately from common shares, they don’t influence the common stock prices. Additionally, preferred shares have fixed dividends. This way, their dividend cost to the issuing business doesn’t increase even if the stock is doing well. Absolutely, preferred ETFs allow continued capital growth regardless of the issuing business’s health.

Value ETFs

Value ETFs contain stocks from enterprise businesses that trade below analysts’ recommended prices. There are many reasons a stock would be undervalued like this, such as public reputation. If a company higher-up is caught in a scandal, for example, the business may lower their stock price manually to entice more investors. Often, this is an ideal starting point for value-seeking investors due to the public’s quick forgetfulness of company events. Additionally, it’s important to know how to evaluate robotic ETF performance as well. Certainly, searching for stocks and ETFs using this method provides you with high-value stocks with great growth potential at discounted rates.

Growth ETFs

Large growth ETFs invest in stocks based on their projected growth rates. Large-capital stocks are defined by their presence in the top 70% of US equity market capitalization. Projected growth is determined by existing growth rates. Earnings, sales, and cash flow growth rates are evaluated to define projected growth. Additionally, high price rations and low dividend yields factor into high stock valuations. This way, you invest in ETFs with the strongest growth potential. Definitely, growth ETFs provide the most accurate projections of long-term growth.

International ETFs

Combining international ETFs with your US based ETFs provides a better diversified portfolio less affected by drastic market shifts. Emerging and developed international economies often have faster growth rates than those in the US. Developing different types of infrastructure within emerging economies typically generates significant wealth and launches companies with massive growth potential. Consider whether you want to invest in one specific country or a more diverse set. Also determine if you want to invest in developed or emerging markets. Of course, international ETFs provide significant diversification and huge growth potential due to developing markets.

There is a myriad of great ETFs to invest in for long-term growth. One such ETF category is real estate, which provides significant categorical diversification when investing in REIT ETFs. Preferred ETFs enables continued capital growth regardless of the issuing business’s health. Value-based ETFs provide discounted rates on funds with massive growth potentials. Additional growth-based ETFs provide incredibly accurate projections of long-term growth. Finally, international ETFs enable large diversification potentials in markets with additional long-term growth potential. When searching for the best ETFs for long term growth, consider the ETFs described above.

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