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Webinar software is an excellent way for small business owners to distribute company information such as sales goals and marketing strategies. It is also a good way to keep the lines of communication open, particularly when not all members of the business are in the same building. It can also be used to present to clients from a remote location. Small business owners may not have the capital available to subscribe to expensive VoIP phone service, so here are the best free webinar software and their important features.

Google Hangouts

It is no surprise that Google is at the top of this list because they offer excellent services at no cost to individuals, such as Gmail and Gchat. With Google Hangouts, small business owners can take advantage of their premium webinar software for free. The software allows up to 10 people in a video or audio call, which can also be recorded and automatically uploaded to YouTube. It works on all devices and platforms. Furthermore, it supports photos, emojis and chat messages during the hangout. Of course, small business owners looking to hold a video or audio conference with someone in the Hong Kong business market or elsewhere should take advantage of this excellent free webinar software.


Skype was launched in 2003 by European programmers as free video chat software. It was bought by eBay in 2005 and later purchased by Microsoft in 2011. Skype now operates on a freemium business model. It is free to use between web-enabled devices, but calling a landline or mobile phone directly requires payment. Skype can be used as webinar software on a personal computer, laptop, tablet device or smartphone with web access. It supports internet calls of up to 25 people, and one-on-one video calls for free. Group videos of up to ten people are supported, but one member must have Skype premium for this feature. It allows for file sharing within the webinar software and is integrated with Facebook as well as Outlook. Skype has been in the business of providing internet calls for longer than most, so business owners may wish to use this option for webinar software particularly if they are already familiar with its features.


Another excellent free webinar software is provided by FreeConferenceCall. This company allows you to host free webinars with free HD audio. In addition to the high quality audio capabilities, FreeConferenceCall also provides screen sharing and video conferencing features. In addition, the software is compatible with many document management systems. You can host online meetings and webinars for up to 1,000 attendants entirely free of charge. The webinar service also provides free screen sharing and recording for seamless intnernational broadcasting. If you want comprehensive, high end features without the luxury price tag, try FreeConferenceCall.


AnyMeeting is the last webinar software to be available for free but only for up to 10 participants. This may be fine if the business is still small or online meetings can be held in groups of 10 or under. Features offered are similar to other webinar software in this list, such as recording, screen sharing and multiple device integration. AnyMeeting is the only free webinar software in this list that is specifically aimed at small businesses whereas Google + Hangouts and Skype are commonly used heavily for personal meetings. AnyMeeting allows users to present PowerPoint slides, supports 6-way video conferencing and generates a personalized meeting url which is useful for small business owners sending an email invite to participants. AnyMeeting is a good free webinar software for small business owners that have a staff of 10 or less, but at $18/month is not unreasonable for slightly larger businesses.

Must-Have Engagement Features

Any of the top web conference solutions you consider should include engagement tracking features available. User engagement insight will allow you to improve your conferences for the next time around using the best VoIP. Through user engagement analysis, you can find out what conference attendees interacted with throughout your online conference. This insight is only possible if you use the best webinar solutions with user engagement tracking tools. Make sure the webinar software you buy includes this must-have feature.

Small business owners looking for a phone service to keep in touch with employees or clients should consider webinar software such as Google Hangouts, Skype, FreeConferenceCall or AnyMeeting. Each of these programs are available at no cost, which is great news for small business owners looking to prioritize capital spending on products and services. There are a number of other webinar software available. However, they are overly robust and unnecessary for small business owners, and only offer free trials. Once these trials are over, the costs skyrocket. Therefore, they are more suitable for corporate settings or large businesses. Small business owners can try each of the free webinar software detailed here to see which fits their needs most appropriately.

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