VoIP Phone Service Options Lower Business Communications Costs


Business phone systems are extremely valuable for projecting a professional image and properly equipping employees to do their jobs well. Over the last decade, business VoIP services have significantly lowered the costs of these phone systems making them affordable to even the smallest businesses. In addition to lowering costs, these systems are extremely flexible, scalable, feature rich and require no special IT skills. This post provides an overview of five of the top business VoIP providers. For more detailed pricing and feature comparisons, check out this business VoIP comparison and price quoting tool on ChooseWhat.


Vonage is one of the top companies with competitive advantage in the VoIP communications industry. It is not hard to understand why. The company’s VoIP services are some of the most comprehensive available on the market. With Vonage VoIP phone service, you gain access to features for call routing, call recording, voicemail transcription, speed dial, SMS messaging, group calling, video conferencing, voicemail to email and more. In addition, the company even offers SIP phone support. If you want one of the most comprehensive VoIP services available, consider becoming a Vonage customer.


Value-oriented solutions have made RingCentral a leading phone service provider. Its cloud based voice service includes internet faxing, business SMS and audio conferencing. Plus, RingCentral’s customized mobile app allows texting and online meetings. When the business grows, you can easily add new employees or even new offices into the system seamlessly. All in all, its call log analytics, online account management and toll free numbers enhance call operating efficiency for small businesses.


Offering free activation, Nextiva’s VoIP services are aimed at reducing monthly phone bills of small businesses. For companies using huge number of extensions, they can benefit from low cost plans. Furthermore, this service provider offers enterprise class VoIP features like auto-attendant, DND, hold music and call forwarding. Above all, minimal to zero down time and easy scalability makes Nextiva a popular choice, especially for those who do not have the IT management training necessary to manage VoIP technology on their own.

Ooma Office

Using high speed internet, Ooma Office delivers affordable business phone services.  With this provider, small businesses can make unlimited calls in US and Canada for just $19.98 per month. Adding on to the base price, you get superior features like a virtual receptionist answering services, extension dialing, call conferencing and music-on-hold. What’s more, their service plans offer low international call rates, virtual extensions and E911 service. Of course, an easy installation and 24/7 customer support provides attractive features to small businesses everywhere.


Another well-reputed phone service, 8X8 offers enterprise grade solutions to businesses across all industries. Their customized solutions include a wide array of services like extension dialing, auto attendant, ring groups, internet faxing and call recording. By combining real time analytics with exceptional mobility, they deliver a unique call experience. Moreover, 8X8 easily integrates with popular business applications like Outlook, SalesForce and SugarCRM. Certainly, this phone service’s comprehensive technical support ensures zero downtime to improve business efficiency for businesses like six sigma training.


Offering more than 100 different features, Jive has made themselves a top phone service provider. To mention a few features, they offer customized voice, video, service center, web conferencing and mobility solutions. Their hosted VoIP provides flexibility through visual dial plan editor, custom prompts, call pickup and line dial plans. Additional call features like paging, eavesdrop and 10 party conference bridge, supports business expansion. Undoubtedly, very few phone services can match Jive’s customizable set-up and virtual queuing systems.


MagicJack is another phone service that lowers phone company costs and affords your business unlimited local and long distance calling. This particular phone service solution is a digital phone service that costs about as much as your typical paper shredding service. You can use your regular office phone or home phone by connecting it through your internet connection. This phone service is easy to set up and offers a free trial. Consider giving magicJackGO or magicJack a try.

While selecting a phone service for small business, take these providers into consideration. You can easily compare their features like voicemail, e911 service, call forwarding and call transfers for optimal unified communications services. Next, check out their contract lengths, international call minutes and number of extensions. Of course, compare their pricing policy, monthly charges and customer care. When it comes to lowering your operating costs, a high-value phone provider can make a huge difference to your small business.

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