5 Best Garage Floor Finishing Options For Your Business

A garage floor finishing is the most common way that businesses protect their working floor space and keep the concrete below free of stains and cracks. The right finishing can ensure that a garage space is kept undamaged and free of cracks as long as it is maintained. However, not all floor finishing options are cheap, easy to install, or long-lasting. Business owners looking to keep their garage floors intact will likely have to choose two of the three previously mentioned traits to get the most out of their finishers. Here are five factors for business owners to think about to pick the best garage floor finishing option.

Consider What The Space Is Being Used For

Before anything else, a business owner should review the garage floor space they want to finish and consider what it is being used for. This is one of the uncommon business challenges that you may face. The point of a garage floor finish is that it protects the garage floor from spills, stains, and damage. It can also add color and decoration to a space. A mechanic’s garage will definitely need more durable coatings, and it likely doesn’t matter what it looks like. A car dealership’s showroom on the other hand, will want a floor finishing that looks nice and accentuates the cars being displayed. Business owners should think about what the space they want to finish is being used for before choosing a finishing.

The Different Types Of Available Finishing

Before choosing a type of garage floor finisher, it’s important to understand the most commonly used types of finishing available. The finishing can be anything as simple as a durable carpeting or as complex as a two part epoxy solution. In addition, simple ceramic tiles are available and have the advantage of being easy to install and maintain. Finally, there is also the option of a concrete floor sealer, which acts similarly to a two part epoxy but is easier to apply. These are the more common options business owners have to consider when choosing what kind of finishing to use.

Durability Versus Price

As a general rule, the more durable a product is, the more expensive it will be to purchase. Any business owner should consider how much protection their garage floors will actually need so they don’t incur a higher maintenance cost by avoiding an upfront cost. One of the most expensive and durable finishing options is a polyaspartic floor coating. Its durability comes from the fact that it sinks deeply into the concrete floor itself and bonds with it, forming a strong layer of protection. On the much cheaper, but much less effective end of the spectrum are simple paints and stains. While these are easy to apply, they offer little outside of looking nicer than bare concrete. Business owners should think about how much punishment they expect their floor spaces to endure when selecting a finishing option.

How Moisture Levels Effect Decision Making

Like any floor, concrete garage floors absorb moisture from the ground and through capillary action brings that moisture to the surface. For garage floor finishing, this means that the level of moisture is an important factor in the decision-making process. Some floor finishing cannot handle excessive amounts of moisture without suffering from unsightly bubbling or premature aging. For example, porcelain tile flooring shouldn’t be installed in areas with high moisture levels because it will cause the tiles to come loose. Paint or epoxy finishers have similar issues. Depending on the types of business, usines owners should use a relative humidity test to determine their garage floor’s moisture levels before deciding on a floor finishing.

Repair And Maintenance Concerns

Any garage floor finishing will require maintenance, and even the most durable coatings will need periodic repairs. A good option for the repair-conscious business owner is a floor tiling solution, as these are easily maintained and quickly repaired. A single tile being broken or stained is fixed by swapping out the tile for a new one, where epoxy finishing may require a complete resurfacing. Additionally, simple methods to ensure correct installation like thoroughly cleaning the floor go a long way to prevent the need for repairs. Whatever the garage floor finishing used, business owners should protect their investments by regularly cleaning the area and inspecting it for signs of wear or damage.

Garage floor finishing is an important way for business owners to protect their property or new rental space by keeping their floors free of cracks and stains. Every business will have different needs, so picking the best finishing option is a matter of knowing how the space will be used. The different types of finishers include things like carpeting, tiles, epoxy and chemical finishers, and paints and stains. These finishers lay on a spectrum from expensive and durable to cheap and fragile. Certain other finishing won’t be able to be used based on the moisture levels of the ground. Finally, the long term cost of maintenance and repair should be considered. Taking all of these factors into consideration will allow business owners to pick the best garage floor finishing option for their business.

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