5 Reasons To Find A New Business Rental Space For Growth

Finding the right business rental space for your company is a significant factor for achievement. Unfortunately, the act of finding the perfect space is a strenuous one. There are many aspects that must be taken into consideration. Similarly, as a business owner who is currently renting a space, there are many indicators that you’re in need of a new rental space. Continue reading to uncover those indicators so that you can find the right space for you and ultimately succeed.

Your Location Isn’t Easily Accessible

Easy accessibility not just for you as the business owner, but for your employees as well is essential for a successful business. If you have people riding buses and taking trains to get to work, but you are not fairly close to bus stops and train stations, your location is inconvenient. Your employees are likely to look for more conveniently located startup jobs elsewhere if this is the case. If your current business location is not easily accessible by multiple forms of transportation, it may be a sign that you are in need of a rental space change.

The Building Isn’t Secure

If security precautions aren’t taken at your current space, you have an unsafe work environment. The building should be well-lit and secure enough for you and your employees to feel safe. Break-ins in your building or in the neighborhood of your building are unacceptable. If the feeling of being safe is not one that can be shared by all of the people in your building, it’s time to take initiative as a business owner and consider changing your commercial rental space.

Your Space Is Too Small

A small space for a business is not always a bad thing if that space is comfortable. If the space is uncomfortable for your particular business, it could hinder your chances of growth. You may be falling behind in your work and need more hands on deck, but not have the space for those extra sets of hands. More space could give you the capacity to hire more business and marketing help. Otherwise, this would cause your business to plateau. Too small of a space is a big indicator that you need a new one.

Your Space Is Too Expensive

Although having too small of a space has a negative impact on your business, having too big of a space can hurt as well. The bigger the rental space, the more it costs. Renting a space that is too large for your company is only costing you money. While having extra room is always better than not having enough room, having just the right amount of room is key. You may be out of money that you need later in your business’s life because of money you wasted renting an overly large area. If you’re not occupying the entire rental space or you could comfortably occupy a smaller space, it’s time to move.

Your Building Is Not Maintained Well

Maintenance is a major element of comfort that is essential for maintaining and growing your business. If your workspace is not properly cleaned, it creates a discouraging environment. Sitting in a building that screams “clean me” is not going to be very motivating for current employees, persuading to potential new hires, or promising to costumers. You might even hear about it in your employee surveys. Therefore, having poor maintenance in your building is yet another indicator that you should start looking for a new business rental space.

Spending too long at an unsuitable business rental space could really hurt your chances of success. This is why it’s critical to pay attention to certain indicators that you need a new space. If your current rental space isn’t easily accessible, you could be creating an inconvenient commute and driving away fantastic workers. An unsecure building is another indicator because the safety of you, your employees, and your clients is a responsibility you have as a business owner. Your business won’t be able to thrive and grow in a space that’s too small. It won’t be able to grow later if you’re spending unnecessary money on too big of a space. Last but not least, if your building is not well maintained, you’re also most likely losing out on opportunities. If these indicators speak to you, you should look into a new business rental space.

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